Pictures of terraces – 24 great designs by Harold Leidner

Images of terraces roof terrace-table-bioethanol-fireplace-led-lighting-furniture

We want you to be impressive Images of terraces show, which were designed and implemented by the well-known landscape architect Harold Leidner. The special thing about the terraces is that they reflect the lifestyle of each owner and thus meet their individual requirements and are definitely unique. The pictures of terraces will certainly be helpful to you when planning your own terrace, because there are really great ideas that you can easily implement. But see for yourself:

Images of terraces on the roof

Images of terraces luxury-roof terrace-outside-bar-red-lighting

This original terrace is located on a roof. Of course, the large chessboard is striking, which is perfect for entertainment. An illuminated bar and a large, comfortable seating area, which is also noticeable through the effective lighting, are of course included, so that perfect parties are ensured.

Pictures of terraces roof terrace-lawn-piece-wood-table-rattan-armchair

This roof terrace offers an excellent view. The eye-catcher in this example is without a doubt the extravagant coffee table. All in all, organic shapes were chosen for the furnishings, which create a cozy atmosphere. A carpet made of artificial turf, on the other hand, makes sitting barefoot a true experience of nature.

Pictures of terraces with impressive fire pits

Images of terraces - fire bowls - waterfalls - fountains - pool - wall greening

The impressive fire pits that frame and illuminate the pool area create a cozy atmosphere on this terrace. This can be perfectly observed from the seating area with comfortable armchairs.

Images of terraces -concrete-bench-colorful-seat cushions

Just because you don’t have time to plant and care for a garden with lots of colorful flowers doesn’t mean that you have to do without colors in your outdoor area. Just choose bright colors for the seat cushions, as is the case in this example. The shape of the sofas is also effective, which by the way are not really sofas, but are made of stone.

Images of terraces wood-roofing-natural stone wall-flowers

Do you dream of Tuscany and do you like the Tuscan style? Then simply design your terrace this way. In this example, the walls were built from stone blocks, wood was chosen for the roof and the area was decorated with pretty, colorful flowers. You don’t think it’s a real dream?

Images of terraces-wrought-iron-chairs-fireplace

The pillars used as supports for the roofing of this terrace create an elegant style that is only reinforced by the iron armchairs. This seating area also has a romantic look and offers a perfect view of the pool.

Pictures of terraces -runde-feuerstelle-outdoor-kueche

A fireplace makes it possible to spend time outdoors even on a cooler day. The seating area made of rattan furniture and a large sofa looks very inviting despite the rain that has passed. It doesn’t necessarily have to be summer for grilling, does it??

Images of terraces floor-sunken-fireplace-corner sofa

This, too, is another example of how impressive a fire pit is. In this case it is completely embedded in the ground. The terrace also offers a built-in seating area made of light, elegant tiles and cushions.

Images of terraces tuscan-style-wrought-iron-furniture-fireplace

If there is enough space, an outdoor fireplace can also be added to the terrace. This covered terrace seems like a real space. The wrought iron furniture, which, depending on its design, goes with any style, also contributes to the cozy atmosphere.

Images of terraces -pergola-seating-area-stone pillars-climbing plants

Doesn’t this breathtaking terrace remind you of a tropical island. Aside from the lagoon-like pool, the wooden terrace is roofed and surrounded by green climbing plants. With such a terrace you can perfectly enjoy the free time in the countryside.

Images of terraces-stone-pergola-privacy-hedge

Here you can see a second terrace, a little off the main terrace in front of the house. Comfortable armchairs and an elegant coffee table ensure complete relaxation, while the fan provides the necessary cooling. If this is not enough, there is still the pool, which is only a few steps away.


This example also shows how pleasant and romantic chairs and tables made of wrought iron can be. The brick wall is surrounded by greenery. The lawn and bushes are perfectly trimmed and are somewhat reminiscent of the French garden. A professional grill, in turn, guarantees you perfect barbecue parties.


This interesting terrace also has its own fireplace. The seating area as well as the French designed garden exude an elegant atmosphere. Both are perfect for a traditional style home.

Images of patio pool lighting-luxury home-fireplace

The effective lighting shows how great a terrace and especially the seating area can be. A modern style of straight lines was chosen for both the furniture and the fireplace. The warm fire contrasts with the cool light.

Images of terraces roof-terrace-green-columns-ball-lights-floor

If you want to decorate the support beams or columns differently, you can simply use a vertical garden. The terrace is given a wonderful accent by the spherical lights. Choose rattan furniture for a modern terrace decor.

Images of terraces concrete slabs-square-lawn joints-rattan-garden furniture

The comfortable rattan sofas with the coffee table and the fireplace make this terrace look like an outdoor living room. The arrangement of the tiles is also interesting. The joints are wider than usual and are made of turf – a very effective and original idea.

Images of terraces pergola-stone pillars-wood-roofing-outdoor fireplace-pool

This terrace provides a wonderful contrast between the cool water of the pool and the fire pits and lighting. The advantage of a fire pit near the pool is that you can also go swimming in the evening without any problems and then quickly warm up again without having to go to the cozy terrace area leaving.




pictures-of-terrace-design-ideas-pool-lighting-mediterranean-beds-bushes-privacy protection

pictures-of-terrace-design-ideas-pool-mediterranean-flowers-plants-lawn-natural stone-pergola

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