Modern roof terrace offers several entertainment options

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New design ideas ensure diversity and variety in everyday life. Modern roof terrace would be a perfect choice to bring even more life into the home.

Modern roof terrace has many conveniences

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This fantastic one modern roof terrace represents an extension of the modern apartment. Designer is Think outside gardens. Interesting and practical at the same time, this wooden roof terrace offers entertainment options for large groups as well as cozy get-togethers for couples in love. The spectacularly curved design contributes to the impressive vision. The warm colored wooden element contrasts with the green wall. This area was previously barren and windy. Nowadays it is a modern entertainment place with a lounge, sofa bed and bar.

Modern roof terrace – simple and eye-catching at the same time

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The simple design is characterized by a limited range of strong colors. It also fits in with the modern interior of the living area. The accent is set on striking elements such as the wave-shaped wooden deck and apple-green wall paint. Furniture and plants in the same green or light white tones refresh the eye-catching composition. Modern roof terrace, which is perfect for soulful conversations on a mild summer evening or fun parties on a hot night.

Green and bright white – the perfect color combination

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Modern roof terrace invites you to relax

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Several conveniences can be seen here

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Sit down quietly with your partner and enjoy the view together

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You can also take inspiration from other ideas from the designers. The roof terrace is entirely up to you and your taste. Take a look at some more design options!

Impressive garden design

garden surrounded by nature cloths ideas rich stairs

Natural elements appear in the foreground

behind the courtyard design comfortable deco relax relax

Feel comfortable and safe outside too 

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Spend pleasant time with friends in the garden

sit outside have a drink nice small table

Bring nature into the home!

many flowers plants represent nature open space fresh green

Choose the best one for you and your home from the many design ideas!

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