Modern penthouse apartment with roof garden – an oasis in the middle of the city

Penthouse apartment roof garden

The demand for attic apartments has been increasing recently, because one Penthouse apartment has some advantages compared to the other apartments. Nowadays, when there is never enough space, there is a tendency to arrange beautiful roof gardens on the flat roofs of private houses or commercial buildings. The planting is carried out according to the usual rules for horticulture, but the size of the plants is limited for weight reasons. Above all, low-growing plants in wooden pots, ceramic pots or tubs, surrounded by lawns or berries with flowering plants, are preferred for the roof terraces. Small water basins are also common in lavishly designed gardens.

Fabulous loft penthouse apartment in the heart of New York

Roof garden exotic oasis plant species paradise

We present you a fascinating one Penthouse apartment with a large roof garden directly on the top floor of a pre-war maisonette building. It is located almost in the heart of New York City – in one of the most desirable and hip areas of the metropolis – Chelsea, just a hundred meters away is the world-famous Chelsea Hotel. In order to provide the residents of the densely built-up inner city of New York with a sunny garden, the architects moved the courtyard to the roof. The project transforms the unused roof space into a special oasis in the middle of the city.

Individual and multi-colored penthouse apartment

Garden Paradise Penthouse New York

The atmospheric and mysterious garden has a touch of oriental charm. Eastern and oriental antiques are a passion for the owners. This is evident in the interior design of the Penthouse apartment and the roof garden. This artistic and cultural influence makes a stylish visual connection between indoor and outdoor areas. The living spaces are designed in a loft style. The large open space and large windows contribute to the airy feeling of space.

Sunny roof garden in Chelsea, New York, USA

Roof Garden Maissonette Suite New York Chelsea

The modern Penthouse apartment offers a mysterious retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life. The roof garden is surprisingly large and built in terraces over several levels. The different areas of this little paradise create different zones and private spaces that are perfect for relaxation and entertainment. Vertical garden design is more suitable in this case. The urban garden above the city is home to exotic species of trees and bushes, vines, and climbing plants that snake around columns and fences. The natural atmosphere is emphasized by the natural materials in the furnishings – wood, stone and metal. The decoration is more of a colorful mix and exudes an unconventional, cozy and artistic atmosphere.

Maissonette suite with roof garden interior

Maissonette Apartment-New York Interior Design

Modern kitchen with house plants

modern kitchen oriental ornaments houseplants vines

Dining area with a rustic wooden table and wooden chairs

Loft apartment dining area wooden table

Luxurious bedroom with a four-poster bed

Bedroom four poster bed loft apartment picture frame pillow

Maissonette Suite in New York – Plan

Penthouse apartment planning

Mirrored ceiling in a penthouse apartment – visually increase the walls

An old school building in Chicago transformed into a modern penthouse apartment