Make the perfect hanging basket yourself – hanging basket with coconut fibers

make flower basket yourself metal frame coconut fiber

A hanging basket is easy to make yourself and is a fantastic eye-catcher. The hanging flower baskets can vary from small to large and lush. With little effort, you can create the perfect patio and garden decoration.

Hanging basket filled with colorful violets

plant baskets violet metal hanging baskets holder

Step 1: choose your hanging basket

The typical hanging baskets are made of metal or plastic and come in diameters of 8 to 24 inches. The hanging baskets made of coconut and tofu fibers are porous, so they would dry out faster than pressed cardboard or plastic, but the softer materials, on the other hand, are easy to pierce. If you are using a willow flower basket, drill drainage holes in the floor.

Make hanging baskets yourself

tinker hanging baskets keep stable peat moss

Step 2: add soil

Fill the basket with a light potting soil. You can buy a packaged mix or mix your own – peat, perlite and vermiculite in equal parts. Some ready-made mixes contain slow release fertilizers, so you can forego weekly fertilizer treatments. Add water-absorbent crystals or cover the flower basket with a water-absorbent mat to retain moisture.

Use coconut and tofu fibers

Cut peat moss

Step 3: put flowers in the basket

A hanging basket with a single type of flower makes a great impression. Combinations can be nice if there is enough space. When using multiple species, choose large, medium, and small flowers for variety. Place the taller plants near the center and creepers on the edge. Try to use different flower sizes. Small periwinkles, small roses, and petunias have large flowers, while isop, lobelia, and calibrachoa have dainty flowers.

small water reservoir

hanging basket flowers watering pot coconut fiber

Step 4: watering

Water the flowers thoroughly after planting. After that, you may need to water them daily in hot weather. The hanging basket weight is a quick way to tell if it needs water. The lighter the basket, the drier the earth.

white trumpet flowern

Make hanging traffic light yourself trumpet flowers white purple

Our second instruction shows how to make a metal flower basket with coconut fiber. The plant basket looks environmentally friendly and puts the accent on the colorful flower blossoms.

Hanging basket made of willow

pierce the ground add earth

make flower basket yourself plant flowers Make your own hanging basket and water it with water