Laying concrete slabs in the garden – 25 ideas for sidewalks

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Garden paths should be extremely durable, be able to withstand cold and frost and also be able to withstand additional loads. That’s why more and more people are choosing Concrete slabs in the garden – They come in different dimensions and can be laid using different techniques. The concrete slabs also weigh significantly less than natural stone and can therefore only be laid by one skilled person.

Laying concrete slabs in the garden – make a plan

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It is worth drawing a layout plan before starting work. When creating the sketch, it is especially important to determine the width and length of the sidewalk. If the garden path leads to a terrace that is also laid with concrete slabs, then it should also be measured. If you want to create a pattern, you should mark this on the sketch. Only then can the concrete slabs be bought – and you should get detailed advice about this in the hardware store so that the right dimensions can be selected. Narrow garden paths, for example, look particularly beautiful with rectangular-shaped concrete slabs that are bordered with paving stones. Wide garden paths, on the other hand, can be laid with tiles in a square shape. The space between the concrete slabs can be planted so that the design looks more natural – this depends on your own preferences.

Laying concrete slabs in the garden step by step

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after the Concrete slabs in the garden are delivered, weeds should be destroyed, the site is leveled, first screed, then gravel and at the end sand is evenly distributed. Only then can you start laying – it is best to start at the house entrance with the terrace and only then create the garden path. It is also extremely important that this work is done on a sunny day.

Concrete slabs in the garden and a walled-in bench


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