Indirect patio lighting – full comfort on the patio / balcony

Indirect terrace lighting - terrace - balcony - floor lights - decking

In the summer months, the terrace and balcony become a second living room. Who doesn’t love the long summer evenings outside? Spending a few hours outdoors and at the same time in a cozy atmosphere while relaxing with a glass of wine is simply something that everyone dreams of after a stressful day at work. With well thought-out lighting planning, the outdoor area is set in scene. Depending on the purpose for which the terrace is used, very different lighting concepts are possible. Different types of lighting can be successfully and beautifully combined so that no light is missed in the evening hours. When it comes to exterior lighting and design, the following applies: less is more! It is precisely the low power levels that create a pleasant, cozy atmosphere. The indirect terrace lighting ensures optimal comfort on the terrace and balcony. In this post, we present 13 ways in which the terrace can become a cozy place that also fits in with the rest of the house design.

Extend the living room with indirect patio lighting


Carefully planned and well thought-out indirect patio lighting enables the living room to be extended to the outside and creates a smooth transition between inside and outside. Individual areas and beautiful points of light are designed. Recessed spots, wall lights for orientation, also for accents and diffuse light can be harmoniously combined with one another. Installed only at certain points, they create beautiful light-dark contrasts that enliven the area. Outdoor furniture, objects and plants become playful light accents. With optimal lighting, but not dazzling, the impression of an outdoor living room is reinforced again.

Modern and functional indirect patio lighting: LED

indirect-terrace-lighting-led-terrace-balcony-roof-terrace-warm light

In the living room as well as on the terrace or on the balcony, the lighting atmosphere is felt to be particularly pleasant if the light is emitted indirectly and does not dazzle. The right color temperature, which should ideally be warm white, is also essential. Energy efficiency does not come last. The use of indirect LED patio lighting does justice to all of these points. The lamps can be permanently installed or interchangeable.


Modern lamp design has continuously developed over the past few years. Much has been achieved in terms of lighting systems and energy efficiency. LED lamps consume less energy than conventional lamps and you can save up to 70% electricity. In addition to the actual task of donating light, the lights are also great eye-catchers today. With a small size, high output and made of robust materials, the outdoor lights are perfectly protected from the elements. In addition, simple and extremely flexible assembly is possible. Depending on the situation, some models can be hidden well in plant tubs or under the green so that they are barely visible during the day.

Indirect patio lighting – assembly and supply lines

indirect-terrace-lighting-led-terrace-balcony-wall-corten steel

With indirect patio lighting in particular, you want to create the effect that the lights used only come into their own in the evening and should remain hidden during the day. For this purpose, all supply lines must be laid in such a way that there is no risk of tripping. The cables can be dangerous, especially in the dark. Of course, it also looks ugly if there are cables lying around on the high-quality wooden or stone floor. Mobile lights are a good choice. They provide beautiful light accents and at the same time ensure safety and orientation. Regardless of whether it is LED or halogen lamps, you should make sure that the patio lights comply with at least protection class IP44 when choosing. This ensures that they are protected from rain and dust.

Indirect terrace lighting on the ground for better orientation


It is not uncommon for terraces to be reached via several steps. Sometimes it happens in the dark so that the steps can hardly be seen. You have to look for the way and suddenly you stumbled. This is why adequate floor lighting ensures better orientation here in particular. A few small spots that are embedded in the ground are usually sufficient to illuminate the steps. However, they must always be installed in such a way that they cannot blind the eyes.

indirect-terrace-lighting-led-terrace-balcony-view-wooden deck

It looks particularly beautiful when the LED recessed lights in the floor frame the terrace. This not only ensures a feel-good atmosphere, but also highlights stumbling blocks. For example, the LED spots are built into the terrace stairs.

Decorative indirect patio lighting


For those who like it playful and perfect for garden parties, decorative indirect patio lighting is the best choice. Light balls, fairy lights and LED lanterns conjure up sufficient warm light and also ensure a happy atmosphere. They are now available in different shapes and colors. Many light objects not only serve to provide light on the terrace, but also as accents and style elements. Just a few of them are sufficient to generate enough indirect light. Here we introduce a few contemporary designs.

Indirect patio lighting – Ex-Moon light balls


Ex-Moon is an outdoor floor lamp from In-es.design. It is made of a special material – Nebulite®, which basically consists of resin and glass fibers and is completely insensitive to dust and water. The unique lamp is inspired by the moon, which is where the name comes from. The unique surface and the diffuse light that it gives off are very reminiscent of the moon as seen from the earth. The lamp is available in different sizes – 50 cm ø, 70 cm ø and 120 cm ø. It looks very elegant and particularly beautiful when several pieces are put together.

Wall lights for the terrace


Without a doubt, wall lights are extremely space-saving and enable lighting on small terraces and balconies. A lamp mounted on the wall used to be functional and bright, but not very cozy and emotional. Today wall lamps give a pleasant, warm light atmosphere that is associated with living rooms. At the same time, this makes it possible to set vertical light accents at certain points.

Indirect patio lighting looks like a decorative wall – Lum for indoors and outdoors


Lum is a wall cladding system made of copper with integrated lights. It can be used both indoors and outdoors and is variable in size. You can cover an entire wall with it or design a floor lamp. The special material processing and the warm light create a unique, artistic effect that by no means goes unnoticed.


Indirect patio lighting: conclusion


In order to create the perfect atmosphere outside, there is a mix of fixed recessed lights and mobile lamps for outdoor lighting. Which outdoor lights you will ultimately choose is of course a matter of taste, but it also depends on the environment. However, glare should always be avoided. For this purpose, lighting consultants recommend using indirect patio lighting and a warm light temperature. The new types of outdoor lights now work almost exclusively with LED technology, which ensures longevity and energy efficiency.