Ideas and tips for designing the terrace with a rural flair

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Do you long for the romance of the old days, when there was a lightness in the air? Then you might want to bring the rural flair back into your garden and terrace! Here are some ideas and tips for one Design of the terrace with a rural atmosphere – a reminiscence of the time when you often took the time to enjoy the scent of flowers in the meadows and hear the chirping of birds.

Design of the terrace in a country house style

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The country house terrace is always surrounded by flowering shrubs and aromatic flowers. The first, the one with the Design of the terrace in the country house style should not be missing is the lush greenery. But if you don’t have a garden on your doorstep, you can simply arrange a similarly colorful scenario. Get yourself a pretty planting table made of rustic wood, place some flower pots, buckets and garden accessories such as secateurs or watering cans there.

Summer design of the terrace

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For the Design of the terrace With a rural flair, choose vintage or shabby chic chairs, tables and garden benches that are reminiscent of life in the country. Place the furniture between flower pots and let your mind wander on sunny days. Create more cosiness with colored seat cushions and blankets with floral patterns that make the terrace even more beautiful.

Terrace design with a rural flair


In the Design of the terrace in the country house style one orientates oneself to the nature. The furniture for a rural terrace must ideally be simple and functional. Traces of use and patina give them a special charm and are very desirable. Checkered patterns are well combined with floral elements in home textiles. Patterned tablecloths and garden lanterns are a reminder of the carefree life in the country.

Garden lighting with lanterns

design-terrace-country-flair-candle-lanterns-romantic-plants-flowers-wine-plant pots

When the temperatures rise, we like to spend days and evenings in the fresh air on the terrace. The color palette of the country house terrace reflects the colors of nature and ranges from earth brown to moss green to sand yellow and cherry red. The outside of the house can also be decorated with clay plaster or wood paneling. Natural stone slabs or rustic floorboards are an ideal addition to the flooring. The rural setting makes a stay on the terrace a special romantic experience.

Terrace furniture made of rustic wood

terrace design-dining area with sun protection curtains pendant light

Home textiles for a summery flair

Garden patio-fire pit-flower pots decorate bench with pillows

Climbing plants on the roof terrace 

Urban garden seating group wooden pergola climbing aid roof terrace design

Striped pillows and pads

Patios metal chairs wrought iron couch cushions country style

Mediterranean terrace with roofing

Mediterranean patio armchair upholstery metal frame beams chandelier

Terrace with a summer cottage look

Cottage terrace sea view design wooden chairs round table

The stone facade underlines the country house style

Terrace, covered facade, rustic wood, country house style

Homely textiles with floral motifs

Country house terrace design Seating bench Breakfast in the garden

Arrange flowers

design terrace furniture rattan armchairs carpet patterned stripes

Vintage chairs made of wood or metal 

Natural stone flooring country style wooden pergola curtain

Enjoy the splendor of flowers

Garden bench as a planting table to arrange flower pots in a country style

Sunny patio-rural style armchair and bench tablecloth

Romantic terrace design Wrought iron chandelier

Garden bench with patinated surface effect, country style terrace

Terrace design-with rustic elements privacy screen curtain

Cottage garden patio furnished dining table gravel floor

Vintage furniture design terrace design country style rusted metal frame

Design of the terrace furniture fabrics tablecloth white country style

Country style lighting with garden lantern sofa sofa textiles

mediterranean terrace with sea view White chairs tablecloth-floral pattern

Terrace design with country house charm Vintage chairs side table

Terrace country style planting table garden accessories armchair rattan

Cottage house-with patio-seating with blue hammock pouffe