Great terrace design ideas in different styles


Would you like to redesign or redesign your terrace and are you looking for a few inspiring ideas? Then you have landed at the right place. We’ll show you a selection of ideas for Design the terrace for every taste, because the styles are diverse and show the effect of the little things. Whether simple and modern, rustic or exotic with lots of plants – in the end you will definitely have more than just one favorite.

1. Design ideas for the terrace – maritime


As you can see, a narrow terrace can be used wonderfully with some comfortable furniture. Orient it towards the garden and you can watch the children play or just watch the pretty flowers after a hard day’s work. In this example, the upholstery consists of a blue and white striped pattern that is reminiscent of summer, sun and beach. Right next to it is the dining area with an outdoor kitchen, which makes the barbecue time perfect in summer.

2. Design the terrace – Lush greenery


Design ideas for the terrace – are the plants in the garden not enough for you? Then simply decorate the terrace with a few potted plants, as this example shows. There is also a comfortable couch and sofas, as well as an outdoor rug, which transform the terrace into a space of its own. The color combination of green and red is particularly pretty, which goes perfectly with the red brick wall and the green plants and also underlines them. Enjoy the time outside barefoot.

3. Romance on the terrace

romantic-terrace-design-wicker-furniture-in-white-floral-throw pillows-birdcage

This raised terrace is very romantic. The white wicker furniture forms an interesting contrast to the dark beams and different colors were played with, which in no way appear chaotic, but harmonize wonderfully with each other. Pretty curtains are not only used for decoration, but can also protect against prying eyes or even mosquitoes.

4. Design ideas for the terrace – rustic

terrace-design-pation-concrete-floor slabs-rustic-tables-made-of-stone-poly rattan armchairs

This modern terrace has a rather rustic style. It consists of a small dining area and an area to relax with rattan loungers and a cozy fireplace. There you can just put your feet up and enjoy the pleasant flickering of the flames. In addition, the terrace offers a wonderful view of the garden, which is reminiscent of a park.

5. Natural terrace design

terrace-natural-design-brown-poly rattan-sofa-frame-round-coffee table-design

You don’t have a terrace with solid flooring, but you still don’t want to do without a lounge area? Then simply put a comfortable couch in the garden. The natural soil will make you feel even closer to nature. Decorative pillows in lively spring colors also ensure a good mood.

6. Simple and modern


This terrace was designed in a simple and modern way. What is particularly striking is the interesting fireplace, which also functions as a table. There are also lounging chairs with decorative cushions and an effective outdoor rug. The neat garden offers a wonderful view of the river.

7. Terrace with kitchen


Design ideas for the terrace – This terrace design also seems to be just perfect. The stone wall, which, together with the solid wicker furniture, is reminiscent of the style of a ski hut, is very effective. A small kitchen with grill and sink offers full cooking convenience, while the built-in fireplace provides the necessary warmth on cooler days. The terrace is a perfect combination of rustic and modern style.

8. Design a terrace with a water feature


The waterfall is probably the first thing that strikes you on this terrace. There is also wonderful garden furniture made of wrought iron and comfortable cushions in natural colors. The terrace with its impressive stone floor is also framed by lush greenery and colorful flowers.

9. Modern with an outdoor bed


This terrace is designed very modern. She has a large outdoor bed that you can relax on after eating outdoors. From there you can also watch the fire made possible by a fireplace built into the wall. Romantic evenings for two are guaranteed here!

10. Turquoise accents


As you can see, the combination of the colors turquoise and white is very successful. It goes perfectly with the modern rattan furniture in gray. An outdoor carpet that perfectly matches the rest of the area in terms of color creates a cozy surface. With a modern facility like this, a glass table should of course not be missing.

11. Design ideas for the terrace – fire and water

terrace-design-ideas-cozy-couch-furniture-gas-outdoor-fireplace-water feature

A fireplace also provides a warm atmosphere here. A great contrast to this is the refreshing fountain, which pampers both the sense of sight and hearing. In order to make the time on the terrace as comfortable as possible, comfortable furniture in a modern shade of gray was chosen. And no savings were made on green and flowering plants.

12. Colorful terrace


A colorful carpet for outdoors can wonderfully spice up the warm, but sometimes monotonous wood of the floor and the garden furniture. In addition, a few decorative pillows with colorful patterns can also be added. The terrace looks much more paradisiacal.

13. Design a terrace in the style of Tuscany


You can create a wonderful Mediterranean-style terrace by spreading lots of colorful flowers around it. Rocking chairs ensure complete relaxation during a coffee and cake, which in this case are best made of wood to match the ambience. Don’t be surprised if your neighbor or girlfriend comes to visit more often from now on.

14. The dream of the south


This terrace is also a real dream. A southern ambience is achieved through the colors, but also through the decorative palm trees. It invites you to relax and is ideal as a substitute for vacation. Didn’t you feel like having a coffee right away??

15. An extension of the interior


Whether terrace, veranda or balcony – the more homely they are furnished, the more comfortable you will feel there. It is not for nothing that one is constantly told that the outdoor seating area should be an extension of the indoor area. This is perfectly achieved here with a romantic vintage-style interior consisting of comfortable armchairs, a couch, many decorative pillows and a rug. Or are we in the living room after all?

16. Exotic terrace


Design ideas for terrace – This covered terrace has been transformed into a true paradise with a day bed and romantic curtains. Whether in the comfortable armchair, on the deck chair or on the romantic day bed, which can also serve as a sofa – the nap will definitely drag on here. But you definitely deserve it! But then you can also continue with table football. One shouldn’t suppress the need for a little entertainment. And after all, it’s better to play outdoors than on the computer, right?