Garden seating – 48 ideas for an idyllic outdoor dining area

Summer sun garden country style furniture design ideas lantern

Summertime is family time – time for a barbecue, relaxing outdoors, or a garden party with friends. So that you can really enjoy the warm weather, it is worth buying a Seating area in the garden to arrange. We give you an overview of the variants and give you useful tips for choosing the location.

Cozy seating area in the garden – choosing the right location

cozy dining area outdoor garden design ideas fresh flowers table

Before you the Seating area in the garden arrange, you need to choose the correct location. It is practical when the outdoor dining area is inseparable from the house – this saves you the long walk to the garden table with heavy plates, cups, etc. Think carefully about whether you need accessories – do you have a grill, for example, or are you planning to buy one? If you have a barbecue with coals or an open fire bowl, you should be aware of the danger of flying sparks. The wooden furniture is highly flammable and should therefore be kept at least 1.5 meters away from the fire.

Arranging a seating group in the garden – what to look out for?

Dining area outdoor lamp parasol wooden chairs tile flooring lantern oak wood

– Calculate in advance the number of people who will die each day Seating area in the garden will use. Do you often have guests? How many people? The answer to these questions will help you calculate the necessary seating area. Do not forget to calculate a distance of at least 15cm between the chairs – this is how you can determine the table length.

– Choose a location near the house that is in partial shade.

– The dining area should not be arranged under a tree – branches can fall and injure people.

– Think about options for sun protection and privacy protection – Paravent combined with tall perennials in plant pots can shield the dining area from the neighbors, a parasol can protect the furniture from the strong rays of the sun.

– Choose the right lighting in advance. Do you have garden lights that you can use? Or buy pair of LED lanterns for romantic mood?

Cool lighting above the garden table – tree with LED light chain

cozy outdoor seating area metal chairs gabion pouffe roses

Country style romance

classic seating group outdoor rattan furniture wooden table carpet design

Garden furniture made of metal – absolute classics

Garden furniture ideas fresh flowers table lawn area stone wall garden design

Rustic wooden garden table

Garden easter celebrate spring wooden furniture dining table chairs outdoors

Summer in the garden – cozy dining area outdoors

Summer in the garden on terrace dining area metal furniture chairs seat cushions

Sitting area in the garden dining area design classic table crockery chairs beige

comfortable sitting area in the garden chairs sun umbrella garden table metal

Summer sun garden furniture outdoor dining area arrange design ideas sun protection

Garden furniture metal carpet fireplace candles chandelier plant pots

Balcony furniture high four chairs round table pool stone tiles lawn area

Balcony furniture dining area four people table black lantern wall decoration

Balcony furniture dining area table decoration succulent plants four chairs

classic seating area design terrace balcony furniture design metal table

Rattan chairs oak wood table garden furniture ideas bright flooringRattan furniture lanterns table cross legs marble counter country style design terrace

Rattan Furniture Seat Cushions Lawn Wood Table Fruits Decorative Cushions

Rattan furniture gravel garden path plant seat cushion red color summer

Rattan furniture wooden table chairs vintage vase beach table decoration lawn

modern seating area in the garden rattan chairs pool hedge plants stone tiles

Metal chairs round table stone tiles sunflower vase house terrace

Metal furniture table round chairs flooring romance country style stone

Metal furniture lawn rattan chairs cozy seating area garden partial shade

Metal furniture deco cushions chairs arrange comfortable dining area in the garden

long garden table country style terrace design seating group rustic-maritime

small seating set four rattan chairs round table plate seat cushions

small seating group dining area balcony two-seater sofa armchair coffee table

Rattan furniture ash wood blue throw pillows table decoration summer sun beach

space-saving balcony furniture table chairs set four round wood white color

vintage style garden furniture round table white lawn hedge plants

vintage garden furniture wrought iron elegant stylish gravel flooring

four chairs carpet dark wood color lacquered weatherproof made round table

Table wood chairs fresh flowers classic style tiles flooring garden privacy screen trellis

Terrace flagstone wooden table rattan chairs lawn trees seat cushions garden

Balcony furniture space-saving chairs table cross legs small round

Garden design chairs wood upholstery stone tiles pool floor lamp coffee table round

Spring in the garden table decoration tableware colorful seat cushions

Wooden table plant pots stone tiles balcony furniture space-saving

Stripes pillow wooden table maritime furniture rustic country style vase fresh flowers

Wooden chairs garden table crockery table decoration classic style wooden furniture

Wooden chairs balcony railing decorative cushions rattan wickerwork tiles

Terrace design ideas lantern seating area carpet rattan furniture

Round table white chairs summer sun pool dishes plates plastic

Wooden table chairs parasol rug fresh flowers tableware upholstery

Oak wood furniture carpet lighting fairy lights romantic sunset carpet