Furnishing a terrace – 55 ideas for an attractive design with poufs and seat cushions

terrace set up beanbag idea chaiselonge lounge orange white pool area

There are numerous possibilities to create a stylish and at the same time cozy ambience not only inside but also outside. One can use the garden, balcony or the Set up the terrace and choose exceptional furniture that guarantees comfort and serenity. In recent years, a certain piece of furniture has become particularly popular. What is meant are the poufs or seat cushions and sacks, which are usually and at best filled with styrofoam balls. There is no other piece of seating furniture that can be designed so practically, flexibly and imaginatively. The filling adapts perfectly to every movement of the body. These beanbags have become a classic in living room design and not without reason, because they are simply comfortable. The current fabrics also enable such seat cushions to be used outdoors such as in the garden, on the terrace or in the swimming pool lounge. The upholstery is weatherproof and water-repellent.

The poufs and beanbags are particularly popular among younger people who strive for a more lifestyle and diverse interior design. When friends come to visit or a movie night is arranged, there is more practical seating for the guests. Bean bags are actually more comfortable compared to a folding chair. If you want to set up the terrace, it is advisable to view it as an extension of the living area.

Furnishing a terrace – 55 ideas for an attractive design with poufs, seat cushions and sacks

terrace set up beanbag pattern idea pool bench throw pillows

Seat cushions are actually typical of different cultures. You are originally from the Orient. In Morocco such poufs were made from goatskin in pieces that are sewn together. Today models with a similar structure and made of leather are available in natural colors but also in many other color variants such as pink, gold, silver, yellow and white. Sitting on colorful pillows on the floor is also typical of another society – the hippies. Colorful and patterned, these decorative elements spread a relaxed flair. Some resemble patchwork or quilted blankets. If you have a little more manual dexterity and a little patience, you can try sewing and even crocheting a seat cushion yourself.

The colors not only play an important role in the design of the interior, but also directly influence the desire to spend more or less time outdoors. Screen elements made of natural materials, more plants and pleasant surfaces can completely change the terrace. Furniture such as poufs, seat cushions and bags bring a holiday atmosphere to your outdoor area and invite you to relax. Warm tones or turquoise and sea green, patterns and upholstery stand for variety and ensure a stylish ambience.

Take a look at our 55 current ideas for creating poufs, seat cushions and sacks and learn how to furnish your patio!

Furnishing idea – seating group made of bean bags

Set up terrace seating group idea beanbags side table pool

Terrace furniture with roofing

Set up the terrace white beanbags elegant sun sails

Wooden terrace

Terrace furnishing furniture beanbag white large wood floor

Varied, colorful loungers and seats in the pool area


Plants and yellow beanbags bring a good mood and mood in the lounge area

terrace-furnishing-design-wooden-floor-plank-plants-bucket-beanbag-yellow-climbing-plants-ground cover-birch

Colorful upholstery and fabrics for cushions and poufs


Setting up the terrace – poufs, cushions and upholstery


Poufs can also be found in very modern versions

Furnish the terrace -design-relax-poufs *-seat cushions-blue-lawn-side tables-garden-metal-

Upholstered furniture on the beach with weatherproof fabrics if possible

Set up the terrace -design-poufs-sea-beach-sand-outside-vacation-wedding-lounge

Seat cushions made of sail are available in different sizes and variations – Dveals Furniture

Furnish the terrace -design-sail-bags-beanbags-beach-sea-sand-free-vacation-devela-furniture

Some beanbags can be rolled up and conveniently stored until the next time

Set up the terrace -design-sail bags-tie-together-pack-store-practical-solution-convenient-design

Poufs in the garden too


Set up a terrace – lounge seating made of sails by Dveals-Furniture

Furnishing a terrace -design-sailing bag-lounge-exceptional-different-wood-DVELAS-Furniture

Poufs are wonderfully suitable for every indoor and outdoor area

Set up the terrace -design-boho-white-curtain-pattern-poslter-cozy-red-warm

 Poufs made of water-repellent fabric are also used next to the swimming pool

Set up the terrace -design-colorful-pattern-outside-pool-swimming-pool-Coral-Coast-Cantara-Pouf

Upholstery and patterns make the seat cushions particularly varied

Set up the terrace -design-field-sun-sunset-poufs-pillows-pattern-colorful-upholstery

Cushions are welcome everywhere – on seats as well as on the floor 

Furnishing the terrace -design-exterior-cushions-sitting-backyard-garden-cozy-lanterns-wood-bricks

Set up terrace in sailor style 

Furnish the terrace -design-blue-sails-knit-poufs-ceiling-decoration-modern-sailor-style

Lounge area made of weatherproof poufs 

Set up the terrace -design-blue - beach-local-vacation-service-lounge-poufs

Seating in gray made of sail sack


Great seat cushions and loungers made of fabric by Paola Lenti

terrace-furnishing-design-outdoor-area-pool-seat cushions-lounger-lounge-paola-lenti

Seats with cushions next to the swimming pool


Large selection of upholstery and patterns

terrace-furnishing-design-beanbags-pattern-gray-white-fabric-garden-paving-pouf-next table



Set up the terrace -design-garden-lying-cushions-modern-pink-lilla-lawn-relax-lounge

terrace-furnishing-design-wooden floor-lounge-upholstered-poufs-Lapalma




Set up the terrace -design-willow-seat cushion-pink-colorful-wood-plank-privacy-screen-wood-flowers




Furnish the terrace -design-boho-seating-pattern-colorful-plants-cushions-upholstery-fabrics-next-table-candlesticks

terrace-furnishing-design-party-garden-tent-beanbags-seat cushions-people-event-trees-nature









Setting up the terrace – “A thousand and one nights”

Set up the terrace -design-boho-still-ambience-cushions-sit-pouf-colorful-cozy-collage

Set up the terrace in a boho style

Set up the terrace -design-boho-still-garden-romantic-sit-cushions-relaxation-collage

Furnish the terrace -design-boho-style-pattern-colorful-furnishing-collage

Moroccan style leather seat cushion


terrace-furnishing-remodeling-back garden-boho-pattern-turquoise-grilling