Flexible sun protection for terraces with a special design

Sun protection for terraces -flexible-solutions-sunshade-awning-sun sails

The sun is wonderful, but sun protection is still important. It offers pleasant shade so that you can enjoy the summer time on the terrace to the fullest. A permanently installed patio cover cannot be moved for sunbathing and only a few can adjust the degree of protection according to weather and temperature. As more flexible Sun protection for terraces Parasols, sun sails and awnings are perfect. They can be easily moved to where shade is needed and make every terrace more homely.

Mobile or fixed sun protection for patios?

Sun protection for terraces -Ingenoa-rectangular-sun sail-Alba-Umbrosa

Parasols and sun sails are not only good shade providers, they can also become real highlights in your own garden and on the terrace. Awnings also serve as privacy and wind protection. Take a look at the extraordinary designs that we have put together for you and see for yourself.

Sun protection for terraces with special aesthetics

Sun protection for terraces -icarus-parasol-rimbou-umbrosa

A unique shade provider inspired by trees and plants that provide cool shade in nature. Height-adjustable and rotatable 360 ​​degrees, the Icarus parasol can be adjusted in different positions. The leaf extends protectively over large lounge seating areas and outdoor dining areas. Price from approx. 2100 euros.

Rimbou Icarus parasol by Umbrosa

Sun protection for terraces, parasol-traffic light-dining area

Sun protection for terraces -rimbou-icarus-leaf

Stingray from Tuuci

Sun protection for terraces flexible-tuuci-stingray

Stingray is Tuuci’s latest innovation in parasols. The handmade covering, the polished aluminum mast and the unusual shape give it an unmistakable appearance. It can be rotated 360 degrees and can provide a pleasant shade at any time of the day. Price from around 5,600 euros.

Sun protection for terraces designer-flexible-stingray

Inumbra parasol from Extremis


All the technical components that open and close the parasol are usually visible when you are under the parasol. At InUmbra, these are attached to the UV-resistant fabric. The designer Dirk Wynants attached importance to the pure aesthetics, because the view is not disturbed by screws and levers. This parasol can also be integrated into a round dining table. Price from approx. 3,100 euros.

Sun protection for terraces -inumbra-extremist-integrated

Breezer parasol from Sywawa


“Breezer” was designed by Thomas Gardener for the Sywawa brand. The white flags that are attached under its canopy sway very slightly in the wind and create beautiful shadow games. Price approx. 2,400 euros.

Ensombra parasol from Gandia Blasco

sun protection-terrace-ensombra-gandia-blasco-white-blue

“Ensombra” by Gandia Blasco is an innovative lamellar umbrella with an unusual design. It does not have a fabric covering like conventional parasols, but has 17 narrow synthetic resin strips that provide pleasant shade. It is available in two sizes and a wide range of colors. Price from around 1,700 euros.

sun protection-terrace-ensombra-gandia-blasco-beige

Exlipse parasol from Umbrosa

Sun protection-garden-Eclipse-Umbrosa-steel

sun protection-terrace-parasol-eclipse-umbrosa

Exzentro parasol from Structurelab

sun protection-garden-terrace-parasol-ezentro-structurelab

StructureLab’s new Exzentro S1 parasol is an ornate designer piece inspired by air and sailing. The particularly filigree frame is combined with a light covering to create a unique design element for terraces day and night. With different shapes and sizes, the umbrella system is ready for every application. Price from around 1,600 euros.

Sun protection-terrace-parasol-design-Structurelab

Manta parasol from Tuuci

sun protection-terrace-parasol-manta-tuuci

The large rays of the South Seas served as inspiration for the “Manta” parasol from Tuuci. The organic design, the filigree aluminum stainless steel frame and the high-quality covering fabrics make it an eye-catcher on every terrace. Price from around 1,700 euros.

vertical awning Vertitex by Weinor

sun protection-terrace-awning-vertical-vertitex-weinor

The VertiTex vertical awning offers sun, wind and privacy protection without completely blocking the beautiful view of your green garden. The design still impresses with its particularly small, inconspicuous cassette. The shading was also awarded the Red dot design award in 2008 for its elegant design.

Ingenua awning from Umbrosa

sun protection-terrace-sun-sail-Ingenua-triangular-umbrosa

Frou Frou parasol by Sywawa – price from 2,200 euros


The Frou Frou parasol exudes a tropical feeling. The designer Davy Groseman has the entire surface of the umbrella with plastic ribbons that rustle gently in the wind. They are similar to the natural raffia palm fibers, but are weatherproof and rot-proof. Like a weatherproof palm tree that can be set up on the terrace. Price from around 2,200 euros.

Infina parasol from Umbrosa



Nenufar parasol from Samoa design in black


This parasol cuts a fine figure on any terrace and is more suitable for small areas. The degree of protection can be set quickly and easily depending on the time of day and the position of the sun. The unusual construction looks minimalist and chic.

Tulip parasol from MDT-tex


Spectra traffic light parasol from Umbrosa

traffic light-sunshade-terrace-green-blue-wood-dining furniture

parasol-terrace-Spectra-green-dining area

parasol-terrace-Spectra-lounge-seating group-gray


parasol-terrace-Spectra-sun protection-dining area


Sun protection-terrace-flexible-design-cantilever-umbrella-aluminum-black

Sun protection-terrace-flexible-design-modern-sunshade-slats

Sun protection-terrace-flexible-design-sunshade-slats-modern

sun protection-terrace-flexible-design-beach-sunbeds-white

sun protection-terrace-flexible-design-white-beach-water