Designing a terrace on a slope in a practical and modern way – 10 great ideas

terrace on the slope ideas-design-modern-raised beds-slide

So that you can feel comfortable in the garden at any time of the year, the right garden and terrace design is of great importance. If the garden is on a slope, this can quickly become a major challenge. Still, as our examples below will show you, nothing is impossible. We have a collection of amazing ideas for you Terrace on the slope put together to inspire you. Design the perfect terraces on the slope and get a modern outdoor area in which you will feel comfortable.

Terrace on the slope with play opportunities for the children

terrace on the slope metal-slide-steps-wood-design

Eldridge London designed this hillside terrace. A lot of wood was used for the design. This is what the stepped raised beds and the adjoining terrace consist of. At Bau, fun for the children was also thought of. There is space for a sandpit and a metal slide on the terrace, which make the beautiful weather even sweeter for the children.

Black wood slope terrace

terrace on the slope black-wood-whirlpool-decorative gravel-decoration

This stepped terrace on the slope is at the highest point. It is made of black wood that can also be found on the steps, the privacy screens and the beds. The cozy seating area even offers space for a whirlpool to make your free time in the garden even more pleasant. The black color gives the terrace a modern look, which is even underlined by the use of decorative gravel. The design comes from Michael and Karen Kramer.

Pure relaxation

Terrace on the slope lighting-fire bowl-seat benches-built-in hammock

Anyone who claims that a comfortable terrace on a slope is not possible is more than wrong, as this design by True North Architects proves. A cozy seating area with a fire bowl and hammock is combined with a covered seating area on a higher level and promises complete relaxation throughout the season.

Dreamlike landscaping

terrace-slope-dining table-roofing-stairs-modern-hedge plants

The dining and seating area is located here on the lowest level. The garden again extends upwards and is designed evenly and neatly. In this way, the terrace on the slope offers a perfect overview of the garden design with retaining walls made of stone, a flat surface with seating area, hedge plants and medium-sized trees. The design was developed by outdoor establishments.

Idea with a fountain


The centerpiece of this design by Bartholomew Landscaping for the garden and terrace on the slope is undoubtedly the raised, round metal fountain. The lounge consists of oversized poufs that can even be used as a day bed. If you go down the stairs from this area, you come to the dining area with a roof.

Triangular shapes

terrace-slope-exotic-plants-pool-triangular-dining area

This terrace on the slope is also divided into several areas. The dining area with grill is followed by a pool, which in turn is followed by a lounge. The shape of this area is also interesting. The triangular-shaped levels wind down like a spiral and have a floor made of wood. Glass railings were installed as protection. Harrison’s landscaping really created an impressive outdoor area.

Lots of stone for the outdoor area


The light stone that was used for the retaining walls makes this outdoor area extremely appealing. There is also subtle lighting that emphasizes the stairs and supporting walls. A built-in bench is covered with wood and equipped with seat cushions and is surrounded by subtly planted raised beds. The terrace on the slope is an idea of ​​Space Designs.

Terrace on two levels


This terrace on the slope was divided into two areas. While the small garden with flower beds is located upstairs, the terrace area consists of large stone slabs with green joints. A fireplace was integrated into the retaining wall and a high level of privacy protection made of wood guarantees the necessary privacy. The Designer Desgin Line Builds were engaged for the design.

Variety of levels

terrace-slope-pond-idea-deckchairs-patio-terrace design-boxwood

This attractive and modern terrace on the hillside of Art in Green is divided into a number of levels at different heights. Each level serves a different purpose in order to be able to use the relatively small garden to the full. Another eye-catcher is the pond with stepping stones, which gives the lush garden with boxwood a modern flair.

Hillside terrace and raised pool


Nick Noyes Architecture inspire no less with their terrace on the slope. A step is formed for the pool area, which can be reached thanks to the stairs. The rest of the garden is designed in the shape of a slope and looks very natural. The terrace itself has a floor made of oversized stone tiles and guarantees a perfect view of the garden design with retaining walls made of concrete.

Designs by Eldridge London

True North Architects

Outdoor establishments

Bartholomew Landscaping

Harrison’s landscaping

Space designs

Design line builds

Art in Green

Nick Noyes Architecture