Design of roof terraces – environmentally friendly idea from Hassel

Australia flat roofed plants attract birds

Hassell recently presented a new environmentally friendly concept for  Design of roof terraces. The project was carried out with the help of researchers from Melbourne University. The university has run several successful programs over the years for research into new green technologies applicable in Australia. The experts were hired as consultants and worked with the landscaping experts.

Design of roof terraces – functional concept

design reclaimed wood design garden bench

the layout of roof terraces in Melbourne took place in several stages. The green area is divided into three areas, each fulfilling a specific function. The first area is open to visitors, where innovative technologies are demonstrated and numerous events are organized. A comfortable long wooden garden bench offers enough seating for the guests. It was built from recycled materials and painted a bright red color. The rooftop terrace has quickly become popular among students – they often come here to relax or just to calmly prepare their presentations.

Design of roof terraces – what are the advantages of the green flat roof?

red garden fence roof terrace create wood bench

The second area is located directly behind the garden bench – flowers, shrubs and bushes have been planted here. Above all, experiments are carried out there and new technologies are tested. Among other things, the quality of the rainwater or the insulation properties of the green roof are examined. Birds, insects and other small animal species are attracted by the native flowers. A small garden pond was specially designed so that the animal world feels comfortable. The ultimate goal is clear – the researchers are trying to create an ecosystem and promote environmental awareness among the population. The environmentally friendly Design of roof terraces from Hassel is also an excellent example that green building is becoming more and more the standard.

Roof terrace in Melbourne – planted with native plants

Garden shrubs native species

Garden with an unfriendly concept – the garden bench is made of recycled wood

Wood garden bench evergreen perennials plants flowers metal fence

Native flowers attract birds and insects

Perennials Roof Garden Australia Summer Sun Plants

The project should promote environmental awareness and test new technologies

Greening Idea Australia Environmentally Friendly Concept Design