Design ideas and essential elements for the outdoor dining area

outdoor dining area black red parasol carpet

A Outdoor dining area is a fantastic addition to any patio and one that can be used all year round. When it comes to designing your own outdoor space, you are only limited by your imagination. We’ve put together a few essential elements for you to get started with.

The outdoor dining area – flooring and protection

outdoor dining area lantern iron furniture vines

These are the basic elements of the outdoor dining area and they must be done carefully and properly. It would be very difficult or costly to change these afterwards. There are a number of variants for exterior flooring. You could go for a stylish wooden deck, pavement, natural stone, concrete, brick, or even tile. When choosing, also consider the style of your home. The goal is to seamlessly connect the outside area with the inside area in your home. Protection is also important if you want to use your outdoor area, regardless of the weather. Possibilities include the pergola, the gazebo, the shade sails and umbrellas.

Outdoor lighting for the outdoor dining area

outdoor dining area iron chairs vintage chandelier brick fireplace

Lighting is an important consideration when creating a Outdoor dining area. A pleasant dinner on a summer evening can take even longer, until late at night. It creates a nice atmosphere and ensures that your guests find their way to the garden. The cheapest option is to use candles or torches. A group of them will not only illuminate the garden, but also create a fantastic ambience. You can also use chandeliers or floor lights to accentuate elements in your garden such as water features, swimming pools, plants and trees. Places where the light is needed are along paths and also around the dining area itself. This is especially important if you plan to cook outdoors.

Outdoor furniture for the outdoor dining area

dining area outdoor rattan dining chairs wall decoration

The furniture you choose for your outdoor dining area will be influenced by factors such as the number of family members, friends, budget, and maintenance. The most popular materials for garden furniture are wood, metal, glass and plastic. At the very least, you’ll need a dining table, enough chairs for all of your guests, and some smaller folding tables that you can use to place food or drinks on.

Theme in orange and white

Outdoor dining area white furniture orange cushions privacy screen

blue parasol and white furniture by the pool

outdoor dining area white blue parasol pool

Iron furniture and a small dining area by the pool

dining area outdoor iron furniture small round table pool

Wall lights for a romantic ambience

dining area outdoor wall lights privacy screen wood dining table

Fairy lights for garden lighting

outdoor dining area wood furniture chains of lights lighting

small dining area by the pool

dining area free four chairs pool dining area

Optical illusion mirror

dining area outdoor mirror pendant lights concrete

round table with glass top  Outside dining area round dining table armchair black red glass slat

fresh feeling with flowers at the table   dining area outdoor wooden furniture plants garden terrace