Creating a garden terrace – 30 ideas for the terrace floor

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One Garden and terrace is more than a paved area in the back yard. It serves as a place to relax, as a play area for the children or as an entertainment area where you can grill on warm days. When creating a garden terrace, the flooring plays an important role. So today we’re going to give you some tips and ideas on how to do this. Be inspired by the fascinating examples below!

Design options for the Garden terrace made of wood

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Terrace floors can be made of wood, concrete, tiles or natural stone slabs. Terrace boards, for example, have the advantage that they do not heat up in the sun, which is very important for servants who spend a lot of time on the terrace, especially at lunchtime, and also want to walk barefoot there. The wood also looks softer than stone and is often preferred due to its warm appearance.

Garden terrace with stone or tile floors

garden-terrace-terrace-floor-tiles-natural stone-garden furniture-upholstery-wood-roofing

Stone and tile floors, however, are extremely durable and are available in a variety of patterns and colors. This allows you to design the terrace floor in different ways and even give it attractive focal points. An interesting design idea would be mixing stone slabs of different colors or filling an unpaved area with gravel or lawn. There are also a few things to consider when choosing natural stone, because there are types of stone that are more or less suitable for outdoor use. You can find some information about the different types here.

Design the garden terrace with concrete tiles and lawn

garden-terrace-terrace-floor-concrete-tiles-lawn-bench-bricked-cushions-table-palm trees

Lay the terrace slabs next to each other in patterns instead of edge to edge. You can also use them individually as stepping stones in the lawn. Try different patterns to get a custom floor design! You can adapt the color to other elements such as walls or even the furniture and thus create a harmonious interplay of colors.

Garden terrace with pool and comfortable furniture

garden-terrace-terrace floor-pool-garden furniture-tiles-wood-upholstery-cushions-white-beige

Regardless of which terrace surface you choose, you should find out how to prepare the substrate for the terrace. Inadequate preparation could cause the patio slabs to sag or shift, and even crack or break over time. Pay attention to the local conditions, the thickness of the boards or panels to be installed and your plans. The best thing to do is to hire a tiler or at least get advice from one of them.

Garden terrace with plastic rattan furniture

Garden terrace flooring-terrace slabs-rattan-furniture-white-rose bush

The terrace floor looks very attractive when it is designed with a high contrast. If the house facade, the furniture or the adjacent walls have a darker shade, the floor can be designed in a lighter color and vice versa. In this way, all elements of the outdoor area can come into their own and look equally attractive.

Small seating area and easy-care plants for garden terrace in the city

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Stone tiles impress with their beautiful patterns, depending on the type. These also make the seating area look more lively. Since each tile is uniquely patterned, none are like the other and the entire flooring looks versatile and attractive in the end. Use colors like cream, beige, brown or red for Mediterranean exterior designs. White and gray, on the other hand, look very attractive on modern and minimalist terraces.

Wooden floor and airy pergola for modern garden terrace

Garden terrace wood-steps-led-strips-bench-pergola-sky-sun protection

Both wood and stone floor coverings can be equipped with indirect lighting, which works best on steps or when the garden terrace is raised, for example in the form of a pedestal. Apart from the fact that you get a subtle but sufficient lighting in this way, you also highlight your seating area wonderfully.

Create interesting patterns

Garden terrace -pave-strips-lawn-flooring-idea

This example also proves that the terrace covering does not necessarily have to represent an entire area in order to be attractive. You can create larger rectangles from small tiles, leaving larger joints between them, which you can fill in with lawn or ground cover. This way, the seating area will look more natural and it will seem like nature is slowly taking over your garden. You can also use blooming ground cover to enjoy your patio area with bright colors at certain times of the year.

fill the areas between the concrete slabs with gravel

garden-terrace-terrace slabs-concrete-gravel-strips

Alternatively, gravel is also suitable for filling the joints. You decide for yourself how wide the joints should be. A special fleece or similar material is preferable as the substrate, as this prevents weeds from growing in the joints. You can find out about suitable substrate materials at the hardware store. It is important that there is good water drainage when it rains, so that the water does not suddenly accumulate on your garden terrace. Fleece can also be used with the variant with the ground cover, because it is also used for stone beds.

Flower bed edging made of concrete blocks

Garden terrace paving-outdoor-carpet-teak-dining-furniture-small-backyard

Regardless of which covering you choose, whether wood, stone or concrete, you can also equip the seating or dining area with an outdoor carpet that makes the outside area look more homely and cozy. It is best to choose it in a color that matches the other textiles such as tablecloths or seat cushions and you are guaranteed a pleasant time outdoors!

lighting is also essential for the garden terrace

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The lighting does not necessarily have to be below the garden terrace. If you have designed raised beds with such supporting walls and framed the seating area, these can also be used for the installation of lamps and thus illuminate the floor covering from above. You can also combine the lights with plug-in lamps for the beds, which you can use to highlight the plants in the dark.

Concrete flooring and wooden roofing

garden-terrace-laying-soil-concrete-slabs-pergola-climbing plants

You can create an original design with elongated terrace tiles by laying them in opposite directions. For example, the seating area can be designed horizontally, while another adjacent area can have the panels vertical. This creates a modern eye-catcher like in the example above. You can even emphasize the play of vertical and horizontal lines with a modern pergola and its wooden slats.

Privacy protection through tall planters

garden-terrace-laying-cedar-wood-planks-gravel-metal-raised beds-plants

Rattan lounge furniture

Garden create a terrace-wooden floorboards-rattan-furniture-garden wall-concrete

Terrace tiles in a pleasant shade of gray

Garden terrace -flooring-terrace slabs-lawn-metal-dining furniture-fireplace

Outdoor tiles laid in patterns

Garden terrace flooring-terrace slabs-dining area-gas fireplace

Traffic light parasol perfect for the outdoor dining area

Garden terrace pave-pattern-terrace slabs-create-dining area

garden-terrace-flooring-terrace slabs-cream-color-wood-dining furniture

garden-terrace-flooring-concrete-step plates-sun loungers

garden-terrace-bankirai-decking-dining furniture-concrete-planters

Garden terrace - create - terrace slabs - floor - gas fireplace - built-in lights


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garden-terrace-laying-decking-flooring-outdoor-carpet-privacy protection-wall greening

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