Covered terrace – ideas for a leisurely free time

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Terrace roofing is so popular for a reason. Apart from the fact that it makes the terrace look cozier as it seems to transform into a room, the covered terrace also has the advantage that the terrace can be better used. Instead of hiding indoors in the rain or strong sun, you can easily continue to spend time outdoors with a canopy. Perhaps you are lucky enough to have thought of this when you built the house and provided a covered terrace by extending the roof. But if you do not already have a canopy from the extension of the roof of your house, you will have no choice but to add it.

Covered terrace – which variants are available?

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There are several options to choose from for a covered terrace. The most stable and durable is a roof made of wood or metal structures. The wooden roof looks particularly great and is reminiscent of a cozy forest hut. As such, it can be covered in a number of ways.

If you just leave it with the beams, or the metal supports, you get a kind of pergola on which you can grow climbing plants that will create a pleasant partial shade over time. The key word here is “time”, because it is necessary for this. If you don’t want to wait so long for a covered terrace, you can attach pretty Roman blinds instead, which you can open or close as you wish. The disadvantage of this variant is that it can only protect you from the sun, but not from rain.

Covered terrace – functional and practical

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You will get the same effect if you cover the covered terrace with glass, only that there is also protection from rain. The glass can be transparent or frosted and can be used just as easily for the roof of the terrace itself. Here, too, you have the option of controlling the light transmission with roller blinds.

If such variants are not shady enough for a covered terrace, there is of course still the variant in which a “real” roof is built, which is covered with tiles.

The covered terrace becomes a winter garden?

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A covered terrace can also be protected from the wind by closing the sides, for example, with glazing. Special foils, which can also be removed if necessary, are also a cheaper option. In this way you also get a cozy winter garden, which you can use even in the cold season for coffee with family or friends.

Covered terrace – examples of successful terrace design

Covered terrace sun protection ideas modern

If you cannot decide between all these options, the following gallery of examples for a covered terrace will definitely help you. All possibilities are represented there. It is only important that you are clear about which of the many advantages are most important to you and of course what budget is available to you.

If you already have a covered terrace, you might be looking for a few ideas on how to best design and furnish it to maintain comfort and a pleasant atmosphere. Here, too, our examples will certainly be able to help you. But let us inspire you so that you can easily plan your own covered terrace.

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