Cleaning the terrace – cleaning the decking boards and tiles properly

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With the spring cleaning, the terrace is also on its way. This will work with simple home remedies and a little effort. Before you the Cleaning the terrace it is important to have a clear overview of your current condition. Depending on the material, you should proceed differently and use alternative means. Above all, it is not advisable to use a chemical club outdoors.

Clean the terrace – do without chemicals

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It is better to avoid the use of chemical agents outdoors, as they damage the environment and wash toxins into the soil and contaminate it. Home remedies also protect against dirt and protect your health at the same time. However, it is more difficult to use.

Cleaning the terrace – modern stone terrace slabs

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You can clean stone slabs thoroughly with a homemade cleaner. Take soda, cornstarch and a little potassium permanganate (available in pharmacies) and dissolve the home remedies in the water. In any case, use gloves and be aware that the potassium permanganate can be toxic. Let it work and then scrub off again.

Cleaning the terrace – recipe for homemade cleaner

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Prepare cleaner for stone patio slabs yourself:

  • 10 liters of water
  • 15 grams of potassium permanganate
  • 100 grams of soda
  • 2-3 tablespoons of cornstarch (you can also add more)

Cleaning the terrace – concrete terrace slabs


With coarse dirt on the concrete, sharp-edged sand helps, which polishes the surface and removes the dirt. You can then use the high-pressure cleaner. Use a special attachment (surface attachment) so that the plates do not break. Pay attention to the edges and joints.

Clean the terrace with a high-pressure cleaner

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When using a high-pressure cleaner, observe the correct guidance. Do not set the pressure higher than necessary to avoid spoiling the surface and splattering walls and windows. Surface attachment with rotating nozzles and brush contributes to the targeted dissolution of the dirt. Compared to a garden hose, the pressure jet requires eight times less water.

Clean the terrace joints


Weeds often sprout between the plates on the terrace. Avoid chemicals that fight weeds but also poison the soil and use a flame device. The commercially available gas burner is also available for small areas. It is advisable to test the flame and the surface beforehand in a concealed place.

Cleaning the terrace – decking with a natural look


Depending on the sensitivity and type of wood, you should be very careful with the thorough cleaning of wooden surfaces. As a natural protective mechanism, the wood turns gray over time, especially when exposed to direct sunlight. The wood is heavily roughened by treatment with a pressure jet

Clean the wooden terrace – never with a high-pressure cleaner

Pressure Washer

Terrace planks in general should never be cleaned with a high-pressure cleaner. The force of the water jet destroys the wood fibers, thereby damaging the joints and panels. Then the wood is attacked more quickly by dirt and algae. In any case, the use of a high-pressure cleaner is not advisable for coated wooden planks, as the layer of paint will be removed.

Cleaning and maintaining the Bankirai terrace


To clean the terrace laid with wood, use a scrubber and soft soap, then clean thoroughly and scrub firmly until all the confusing areas become uniform. If the wood is very dirty or damaged, these areas should be roughly swept.

Cleaning the Bankirai terrace – use environmentally friendly home remedies

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Make a cleaning agent yourself. Mix soda with cornstarch and lukewarm water. Let the mixture boil so that it becomes a pulp. Apply the self-prepared terrace cleaner to the tiles and let it work for 4-5 hours. After the action time, you only have to scrub the planks, which is relatively exhausting.

Cleaning the terrace – recipe for homemade cleaner

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Prepare cleaner for decking yourself:

  • a few tablespoons of cornstarch
  • 100 grams of soda
  • 5 liters of lukewarm water

Cleaning and maintaining the wooden terrace – oiling

Worker Applying Stain to Deck

Wooden floorboards in the outdoor area are best oiled. Oils especially suitable for the purpose are also available in colors – dark or light, reddish, brown or natural. In order to achieve the effect, pigments are added to the clear oil. This allows a naturally light type of wood to be made a little more exotic. In order to keep the beautiful look longer, the wooden terrace should be re-oiled annually. Otherwise the pigments will peel off due to the moisture.