Care tips for the plants in the winter garden and 17 design ideas

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In this frosty time, when the cold winter outside has turned our beautiful inner courtyards into boring landscapes in black and white and when the cold just gives us an additional reason to dream of the pleasant hours in the garden, now everything looks green together with a few colorful flowers look even more attractive. In this cold season, a cup of fragrant coffee under tropical plants is really refreshing and can immediately chase our gloomy thoughts away. It is not known exactly who first came up with the idea of ​​creating a cozy home for the colorful flowers from the most distant parts of the world. But this person has set a new milestone in the history of gardening. A winter garden offers almost unlimited possibilities for the cultivation of exotic plants and finds endless horizons before the imagination and enthusiasm of flower lovers. Today we’re going to give you some care tips for the Plants in the winter garden as well as various examples of how you can design a winter garden.

The functions of a winter garden are different from those of the greenhouse, where one strives to maintain optimal conditions for plant growth. The winter garden is in principle part of the house and residents and flowers should feel most comfortable there.

Plants in the winter garden – just like at home

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One of the most important advantages of the winter garden is the microclimate in the room, it offers the plants natural conditions for their growth. So you can grow an extremely large number of plant species in a winter garden, including exotic and capricious ones, which would actually be too problematic in an ordinary room during the cold season. In fact, the choice of vegetation types is almost unlimited. However, it is better to choose the plants or at least arrange them according to their climatic and environmental needs. Traditional inhabitants of the winter gardens are tropical and subtropical desert plants. The tropical plant species prefer humid and warm climates, and some of them grow very well at dusk.

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Subtropical plant species, on the other hand, need strong light and they grow well when the temperature is regularly lowered to 5 degrees. The desert plants need a lot of heat and light and very little moisture. If the winter garden is big enough, you can create some areas for the systems for each climate zone. But if your conservatory is quite small, then it is better that you simply choose your favorites among the plants and create the most favorable conditions for them.

Plants in the winter garden – ensure the necessary light

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One of the most valuable properties of the winter garden is a good luminous flux. As a rule, such a room has a much larger surface area with windows than ordinary rooms have. If you had a choice about what your conservatory should be oriented towards, then never choose north. That is an unfavorable directional orientation what the successful growth of your Plants in the winter garden would restrict.

The light is an important factor for the well-being of the people Plants in the winter garden. Therefore, solar control glass is not suitable for this room. Even if you personally don’t like the strong sunlight, try not to hang roller blinds, especially in winter, because without enough sunlight your favorite plants can lose their decorative appearance and some can even die. You will probably use the conservatory in summer too, so the blinds and roller blinds can be very useful for your plants inside during the warm days when the sun is strong outside and the temperature behind the glass is constantly rising. Another way to avoid overheating in the room is to ensure that there is good ventilation. As a rule, you have to foresee enough space with opening windows, they should take up at least 1/6 of the entire glass surface. And of course, don’t forget to open them in hot weather!

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Even in a light conservatory there are darkened areas. There you can place the shade-loving plants. The needs of each type of plant are different and you need to inquire about them as soon as possible after purchasing your plant or flower. But if we can generalize, we would be referring to a well-known rule that says that the denser and darker green the leaves of the plant, the easier it is to grow in shady places.

The winter garden is cozy for people and comfortable for plants

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Two other factors without which the conservatory would lose its importance are temperature and humidity. Establishing the appropriate values ​​depends on the type of plants you are going to grow. In general, it is believed that the average temperature in the winter garden should be around 20-25 °, and the relative humidity – 60-70%. That means a healthy environment for the plants and a pleasant environment for the people.

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It is recommended that the individual Plants in the winter garden Planted in separate pots and cared for in this way. This allows us to observe their individual requirements in terms of soil and irrigation. Another great advantage is the container with flowers, so you can move them easily and with little effort you can create a completely new design.

The layout of the winter garden should be carefully thought out and based on the space available. Large pots with plants can remain on the floor, but the effect of the smaller residents will certainly be lost if they are not placed on flower stands or shelves. The climbing plants, hanging on the walls and ceiling, not only save space, but they also give you the feeling of a real tropical paradise.

Nice and practical

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You can decorate your winter garden with various decorative elements, those that we use in the garden, but in a corresponding mini format. Figures, fountains, a mini pond, a small rock garden, lighting and thermometer – all of this goes well with the interior. In the conservatory, you can have some of your own favorites like fish or turtles in an aquarium, or place a cage with parrots in a corner. There are really numerous possibilities to design this recreational area. For example, you can use wicker furniture to create the winter garden in the most comfortable resting place for you. A wooden table with a few chairs would also fit perfectly in this interior space, or such a plastic garden set, it has the advantage of being cheap and easy to maintain.

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The best version for a winter garden is definitely the room specially built for this purpose, sufficiently large, the walls of which usually consist of windows and which are provided with sufficient heating, humidity and air circulation. Unfortunately, not all flower lovers can afford something like this. From this discrepancy between strong desire and weak financial ability, some interesting, spectacular and easily accessible versions of the winter garden have been created that can be done in almost any home.

On the balcony

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In most apartments, the glazed balcony is used as a winter garden. Usually this is not a large room, but with good will it can accommodate a lot of flowers. Window sills, shelves and hanging pots will help you put your favorites together. This way you really create a little green paradise within your urban home. In most cases the balconies are too narrow and there is no room for a comfortable chair or a small table. Unfortunately, you do not have the pleasure of enjoying your own creation. That is why many people choose to remove the barrier between the balcony and the interior. We can neither affirm nor deny that, it is very individual and depends on various factors. First you have to consider whether you are not endangering the building structure. Such a decision would violate the microclimate and have a negative effect on the humidity. But viewed from a different point of view, you will not need a separate heater for your mini conservatory and of course you will have the opportunity to spend more time under your favorite flowers and plants.

When there is not enough space

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To create a cozy home for your winter flowers, you can actually make it in any room that is bright enough and as long as it offers the necessary heating and humidity. The living room, kitchen and bedroom are best suited for this. But if you want some irresistible exotic plants at home, you can turn a large aquarium into a small tropical garden with a little effort. You could also create a small, unusual piece of desert landscape there to house your cactus collection. No matter what you choose exactly, we just want to hope that we have been helpful to you with our ideas and have given you some good tips? Is it true, yes?

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