Beautiful garden lounge ideas – expand the interior to the outside

Garden lounge ideas -exotic-palm-infinity-pool-fireplace

Imagine being able to have dinner outside in a romantic setting without leaving your home. This dream can easily become a reality when you move your interiors outside and get this beautiful one Garden lounge ideas look at. The garden lounge area differs from the veranda. In most cases, the garden terrace is on display, while the lounge area in the backyard can ensure a very intimate and quiet private atmosphere. It would be ideal if your outdoor space was suitable for day and night. If you live in a region with a warm climate, make your lounge area suitable for several seasons.

Garden lounge ideas with an original design

Garden lounge ideas - wooden furniture - upholstered cushions - palm trees - exotic

If they Garden lounge ideas About looking at furnishings, look for original and imaginative designs. Find suitable weatherproof fabrics, of which there is now almost as large a choice as the usual textiles. The new materials withstand stains and quick wear and tear, but still feel like ordinary fabrics. They may be a bit more expensive, but they are a good investment as they will last longer.

Professional garden lounge ideas and tips

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Some famous interior designers give useful tips and advice Garden lounge ideas, in case you don’t know where to start. Brian Killian says interior design is the place to be for inspiration. It would be especially stylish if you could coordinate the interior and exterior decor. Killian has set up a comfortable lounge area in his back yard next to the swimming pool. He coordinated the style of the outside room with the house design and created a dreamy place for relaxation.

Bright colors and original decorations for a unique lounge area

Garden lounge ideas -modern-outoor-furniture-synthetic rattan-blackThe designer M.E. Yeck has several criteria after one can make the furnishing decisions. Think about what you want, what you need, what you can afford and what you have room for. Use different patterns and bright colors to achieve an interesting effect. Yeck originally wanted to design a pavilion, which later turned into a small summer house. The lounge area is removed from the house and ensures a place where you can spend quiet afternoons and evenings with friends.

Fine curtains for more private space and protection from the sun’s rays

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Even if these outdoor spaces are of different styles and designs, they have one element in common. Hang up stylish curtains to secure more private space and protect the garden furniture from sun and wind. Designer Peter Falk combined form and function in one and designed comfortable stools in eight different variations. The models have different motifs and an elegant design and can easily be brought outside.

Comfortable seating area made from high quality materials

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Designer Lili McIntire also has a few tips and tricks Garden lounge ideas prepared. You should put as much thought into the exterior as you should into the interior. She believes that the beauty of the interior could easily be brought out. Don’t be intimidated by the many options and choices of outdoor furnishings. On the contrary, it is easier to design a comfortable lounge area in the garden from high-quality materials. When the weather outside worsens, you can put the fine fabric armchairs and expensive curtains in the basement and bring the simple wooden or plastic tables and chairs outside. So you can enjoy the sun even in winter.

Fabrics for exterior furnishings with high quality and a variety of motifs

garden lounge ideas furnishing outside textile

the Garden lounge ideas are easy to achieve these days thanks to the endless choice of fabrics and materials that are suitable for outdoor decoration. These fabrics can also be used for the rooms in the house. Cushions, cushions or protective covers – these are available in all possible colors and designs today. You can always let the curtains fall without worrying about the color fading. Take the curtains off at the end of summer and you’ll be sure the colors have stayed the same. Look for fabrics that will resist stains, won’t fade, and are waterproof. With all of these options are the Garden lounge ideas very easy and convenient to implement.

Outdoor lounge area covered with sheets

garden lounge ideas furnishing outside curtains

Nice seating area in the garden with wicker furniture

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Cozy dining area with wooden furniture

garden lounge tips furnishing outside wooden furniture

Elegant gazebo with curtains

garden lounge tips furnishing outside arbor

Outside space with wicker furniture and fireplace

garden lounge ideas furnishing outside wicker furniture

garden lounge ideas furnishing outside sofa

garden lounge tips furnishing outside blue design

garden lounge tips furnishing to outdoor swimming pool

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garden lounge tips furnishing outside red motifs