Awning design ideas ensures shade for your terrace in summer

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That Sun sail design can be ordered in all possible shapes and colors and is a particularly practical, cheap and stylish solution when you need shade on the terrace on hot summer days. However, the practical implementation could get a bit complicated. Here are a few useful tips and tricks for you and the most important things you should know about sun sails.

Awning design – tips for installation and use

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When it comes to installing a Sun sail design and the construction is quite large, it would be best if you leave the practical part in the hands of experts. But if you are determined to build the shade sail yourself, there are a few important rules you should know.

Awning design – peculiarities of the shape

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That Sun sail design often has an irregular shape and cavities on the edge of the sail. This shape is especially important for the cables that go through the edges and keep the structure from sagging. If the design is done exactly by all the rules, there should be a difference in the diagonal heights. This way you can turn the sail over and create an interesting shape. This will also make your awning look a lot livelier and more dynamic.

Choose the shade sail according to the fabric

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The function of Sun sail design shade is to be provided for the terrace. That is why the fabric is particularly important. Most materials provide up to 93% UV protection and can withstand the sun’s rays for up to 10 years. In particular, look for a tightly woven monofilament fabric because it is easier to wash and care for. If you are looking for waterproof fabrics, PVC material is always the better choice than any acrylic sail.

Chic white awning on the beach

ideas for sun sail design white beach

Stylish sun protection on the terrace

ideas for awning tips triangle shape

Sun sails with a simple design on the veranda

ideas for sun sails design sun protection porch

Elegant sun protection over the swimming pool

ideas for sun sails design swimming pools

Use sun sails as sun protection also in the restaurant

ideas for sun sails design restaurant beige

Awning in beige over the wooden terrace

ideas for awning tips wood terrace

Awning made of colored fabric

ideas for awning tips colorful fabric

Sun protection in golden color

ideas for sun sails design fabric yellow

Awning in a triangular shape

ideas for awning tips triangular sail