Aluminum and wood patio coverings offer sheltered seating

Terrace roofing aluminum, wind protection, sun and rain protection

So that you can enjoy your terrace from the beginning of spring to late autumn, you need a bit of independence from the weather. This is guaranteed by the modern aluminum and wood patio covers. On the one hand, they represent a visual addition that completes the overall architectural image, on the other hand, they increase the effective usability of the terrace. Make your garden and terrace cozy in every season!

What is important to know before buying patio cover?

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Anyone who has decided to buy a patio cover must first be clear about a few questions. What material do you want your individual patio roof made of? If a patio roof is to be installed, the responsible building authority should be asked whether a permit is required. Then careful planning takes place. A patio cover that you want to anchor to the house can have a flat or a sloping roof. Freestanding patio coverings can have a pointed or pyramidal roof shape. It is important that the materials are of good quality and that the structure is safe.

Aluminum and wood patio coverings offer you optimal protection against rain and solar radiation. They can be leaned against, anchored or integrated into an existing building without any structural changes. The professional versions can be individually adapted to an architecture. Manufactured to the highest quality, the Terrace roofing from Gartenhaus GmbH respond precisely to customer requirements. Materials, sizes and designs vary according to needs and customer requirements. Equipped with additionally available side walls, sun sails and parapets for optimal wind protection, they easily transform your terrace into a protected space.

Aluminum and wood patio coverings offer you long-lasting comfort

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In the range you will find high-quality patio roofs made of softwood, Douglas fir, glued wood or aluminum. In addition to standard canopies, the patio roof configurator allows you to plan your individual patio roof.

Terrace coverings increase the usability of the terrace

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The wooden patio covers are celebrating their comeback. Weatherproof and robust, they can withstand strong winds and snow. The construction is firmly anchored in the ground or on the house. The use of glass elements intensifies communication with the environment, which has a pleasant effect on wellbeing. So choose roofs made of transparent plastic or glass, because they let in more light. They visually match the modern house architecture. 

Aluminum and wood patio coverings adaptable for your house or garden domicile

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Choose materials that guarantee you a long service life. The aluminum patio cover is an extremely high-quality product – not only elegant and timeless, but also easy to care for. The precise processing of the components prevents the ingress of dirt and moisture.

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