39 patio design ideas with hanging chairs for the garden

terrace design ideas color red orange pattern hanging chair flowers deco

The ideal haven in summer – the terrace in the garden. But instead of furnishing the outdoor lounge area with classic seating, you can opt for some cool hanging chairs this year. Hanging chairs have established themselves as a special trend in recent years and would perfectly complete your personal relaxation oasis in the garden. Check out this awesome Terrace design ideas with hanging chairs and let us dream of vacation and cocktails.

Modern terrace design ideas 

terrace design ideas modern design hanging chair rattan white colorful carpet

Hanging chairs have several advantages: they take up less space than a hammock or a porch swing, and you sit in an upright position, which is better for reading and drinking cocktails. Getting in and out is also much easier.

Seat swing idea with neutral colors

terrace design ideas hanging chair romantic colorful ornaments spiral staircase

The hanging chair for the garden does not have to be attached to two trees or pillars, only one is enough. A wooden pergola or patio cover is perfect for hanging a hanging chair. If the hanging chair comes with a special frame, it can be easily moved anywhere.

Colorful patio design ideas

terrace design ideas basket design beige hanging chair colorful deco cushion vase

Hanging chairs are available in a variety of sturdy, weatherproof materials like rattan, plastic, wood, and metal so it can withstand rain and sun without any problems. The design of the hanging chair should also be adapted to the style of the terrace. Rattan hanging chairs, for example, convey a touch of the exotic and make us dream of wide beaches and blue sea. Metal hanging chairs look rather minimalist and elegant. You can also choose upholstery in bright colors and set up a small side table next to the hanging chair so that you have your glass or favorite book close by.

Bright colors for a patio seat swing

terrace design ideas colorful basket hanging chair white mediterranean patio

Check out our outstanding examples and patio design ideas and find absolute relaxation with an outdoor hanging chair!

Pouf and rattan hanging chairs instead of classic lounge furniture

modern terrace design ideas rattan hanging chair-pouf-beanbag

beautifully lit seating area on the covered terrace

modern-terrace-roofing-seating-wooden hanging chairs

small zen style terrace

modern-terrace-zen-flair-rattan-furniture-hanging-chair-frame-water wall

Rattan hanging chair for more exoticism


Wooden hanging chair

Hanging chair-garden-patio-furniture-color-adapted

attached to the patio cover with a chain


Metal hanging chair


Terrace design-rattan-white-hanging-chairs

Terrace design ideas-hanging chair-types-hanging-frame

seating-garden-wood-pergola-hanging-armchair-poufs terrace design ideas

rattan hanging chair frame orange seat cushions


modern terrace design ideas hanging chair-frame-rattan

rattan hanging chair garden weatherproof spherical shape



modern-patio-pool-waterfall-hanging chairs



Hanging chair-terrace-metal-braid-colors

hanging chair-rattan-garden-two-persolel-frame

hanging chair-frame-rattan-side-table-drinks

Hanging chair-garden-rattan-frame-metal-terrace

Hanging chair-garden-plastic mesh-metal-frame

garden-terrace-splitterweg-teak-wooden furniture-hanging chair-wickerwork


garden pergola-wood-hanging-chair-suspension-lavender-plants

bubble-plastic-hanging-chair-transparent-garden-fire bowl