24 modern garden bench designs – a comfortable highlight for your garden

modern garden bench designs pattern colors COR-TEN MarcAurel metalco

A unique garden bench has the ability to transform any corner of the garden into an idyllic place for relaxation. These modern garden bench designs are not only comfortable and inviting, but also very interesting in shape. Designers are experimenting more and more with new materials like polyethylene and polypropylene, but the classic wooden garden bench is still popular. Often times, the designs also tend to have more than one function. They offer storage space and even integrated lighting and flower pots. New concepts in the garden influence the new ones Garden bench designs, whose shapes impress us every day.

Modern garden bench designs made from innovative materials

Polypropylene bench from Serralunga – Loop

Polypropylene bench inside outside black red LOOP Serralunga

modern garden bench designs made of polyethylene

Polyethylene bench garden modular HAPPY HOUR CROSS TWENTYFIRST

Polyethylene bench – HAPPY HOUR CROSS by TWENTYFIRST

Polyethylene bench modular design patio lighting HAPPY HOUR CROSS-TWENTYFIRST

K-BENCH from Vange

K-BENCH vange Modular polypropylene bench terrace garden design Charles-Kaisin


modular garden bench design blue ILLUSION 2222 EDITION DESIGN

 Sit-in from ALLES+

Modern garden bench white aluminum design Sit-In ALL plus 2


contemporary garden bench designs original shape LAVA VONDOM


garden bench wood storage seat cushion MENOTTI SPECCHIA Turtle

MOLLETTA from Riva 1920

MOLLETTA clothespins solid wood bench design

CORSO collection by Decolupo

modern garden bench purple integrated planter CORSO Decolupo

SCATTER of Nola Industrier

steel garden bench interesting shape SCATTER Nola industrier

HP01 TAFEL by e15

bench garden aluminum interesting design HP01 TABLE ALU e15

SARDANA from Qui est Paul

SARDANA garden bench round planter Qui est Paul

4 × 4 from Deifferent and Different

contemporary garden bench stainless steel white DIFFERENT AND DIFFERENT

 EARHART from La chance

modern garden bench aluminum red EARHART La Chance

ELLA from D.D.F Curvati

wooden garden bench design modern ELLA D.D.F Curvati

ROMEO & JULIET from Extremis

wooden garden bench pots trees ROMEO JULIET Extremis

Bella from Gloster

Gloster Bella bench wood modern shape armchair

PARIS from Serenite Luxury

garden bench renaissance flair gray upholstery PARIS Serenite Luxury

OSCAR from Lgtek Outdoor

Garden bench OSCAR wood alu white Lgtek Outdoor

Foglia of Corradi

FOGLIA bench wood metal sheet cells corradi

Fuse of Manutti

aluminum garden bench white seat cushion FUSE MANUTTI


aluminum garden bench white wood planter ELEVATION FLORA


ali garden bench black modern BELLEVIE FERMOB