23 design tips for the perfect terrace in the garden

terrace in the garden mediterranean style dining table shutters blue roofing plants

Her Terrace in the garden Making it perfect isn’t that difficult. Follow our design tips so that you can feel most comfortable in your green hideaway.

1. Make your terrace in the garden gorgeous with water features

terrace in the garden pond water feature idea parquet wood garden furniture parasol

Build a fountain to soften the noise of a busy street or to create soothing background music. It’s easy to add a water feature to your patio planning. Build the small garden fountain in corners where they would be out of the way or use a large, eye-catching fountain as a dramatic focal point.

2. Terrace in the garden – blur the lines

terrace in the garden privacy screen rattan furniture flowers

Grow perennial plants, shrubs, or small trees on one end of the patio to create a sense of security (and a bit of privacy). The lush plantings will also help to harmoniously connect the garden with the terrace. Add your favorite plants like lilacs or gardenias to complete the magical setting.

Here’s a tip: place the larger plantings on the edge of the patio to hug the area.

3. Create different layers

terrace in the garden wood level seating area grill flower box

Add interest to yours Terrace in the garden, by creating different layers. To enhance the effect and prevent tripping hazards, get outdoor lighting for each step.

tip: You don’t need a large terrace for this – one or two steps are enough to bring about a difference in height.

4. Add architectural elements

terrace in the garden pergola roofing wood bushes parquet fireplace

Beautify your terrace with a pretty pergola or other architectural accent. This pergola, for example, creates a stunning focal point and can be decorated with beautiful climbing plants.

5. Hide in the garden

terrace in the garden wooden loungers lush plants

Enjoy a relaxing retreat in a secluded corner of the garden. There is no rule that the terrace should always be built on the house.

Tip: Make the patio a private space where you can add flowering climbing plants, like wisteria, to intimacy, as can a simple pergola.

6. Treat yourself to a sanctuary

terrace garden small pond build parasol

Large lush trees give you the feeling of security and a water feature has a dreamlike effect. When the terrace is surrounded by these elements, it seems like it is in the middle of nowhere – even if it is only a few meters away from the house.

7. Swimming opportunities

terrace in the garden canopy pool sun loungers

If you have enough space, build a pool or hot tub. If you’re craving a dramatic look, consider infinity pools that look like they plunge into the space below.

tip: Check local regulations in case your patio requires a fence or railing.

8. Experiment with the design

terrace design garden furniture diversity materials plants

Add character to yours Terrace in the garden by creating different flooring designs. Not all of the panels are intended to be built in the same direction, nor do they need to be made of the same material. This cheerful patio creates a border using a soft green paint and frames the seating area.

9. Create curves

wooden terrace garden wooden railings kuven

Put playful accents in your Terrace in the garden, by creating curves. You can have curved railings built from a number of materials, such as wood, metal, or plastic. The design takes a little more work, but the effect is worth it.

10. Canopy – pleasant shade and protection

terrace in the garden canopy glass rattan furniture

Choose a canopy made of plexiglass, fiberglass or a similar material and you will never worry about the heat of the sun. Choose a clear material that lets the sun’s rays shine on bright days, or if you are used to a hot climate, try using a translucent material that will also provide shade.

11. The right lighting choose

terrace garden shine balustrade budda figures

Use a variety of lights that would create a comfortable atmosphere at night. You can also achieve great looks with nothing more than a handful of strategically placed candles, lanterns or solar lights.

12. Bring the Indoors outside

terrace front yard wood flooring carpet beige rattan furniture

With today’s sturdy outdoor clothing and a large selection of outdoor furniture, you can set up your terrace as comfortably as your living room. Choose armchairs and even sofas in almost every style imaginable.

tip: Be considerate of adding accessories such as outdoor rugs to cover the patio floor.

13. Use dramatic details

terrace design garden wooden furniture grille privacy screen

Add highlights with unique accents to the terrace in the garden. Be creative and choose the traits that best suit your personality and style. This sleek design terrace, for example, features an eye-catching grille that adds a touch of modern style and appeal.

14. Grow your own fruits and vegetables

terrace garden mini fruit vegetables eggplant

Add a few planters filled with your favorite fruits, vegetables and herbs and you will transform your patio into a mini farmers market. Most of these plants grow wonderfully in plant containers – and some, like this eggplant, look as elegant in a pot as your favorite flower.

Tip: Look out for dwarf or mini varieties of your favorite vegetables. For example, cherry tomatoes.

15. Comfortable seating and a calm atmosphere

terrace in the garden rattan furniture corner sofa

Give your guests a choice of seating by incorporating plenty of built-in and free-standing seating. (But remember, the more benches you have, the less furniture you will have to buy.) You can also take advantage of the shade provided by large trees or buildings.

16. Use the garden embankment and the slope

terrace garden slope advantage built-in wooden benches

Use an annoying propensity as a chance to showcase your beautiful flowers at eye level. Or like here for creating a dramatic representation. The deck was carved into the hillside and surrounded by a retaining wall.

17. Build the terrace high

terrace garden two meters high white wooden railing

This raised patio showcases a clever use of a sloping front yard. And while most of us don’t have extreme slopes like this to conquer, you can implement the same idea in a smaller space. Simply build the terrace 2 or 3 meters above the ground and it can become a showpiece.

18. Set it up comfortably a

small terrace set up grill rattan furniture

This small terrace strikes a great balance between comfortable furniture and lush vegetation. Its stylish decor and amenities make it the perfect fit for summer.

terrace garden lush planting privacy

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terrace garden flooring natural stone parasol armchair

terrace garden outdoor cooking area kitchen set up

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