Window air conditioning Noria with app connection and compact design

Window air conditioning noria-compact-beautiful-design

Everyone wants a little cooling off for the hot summer days. The air conditioning systems are usually very large and consume a lot of energy. Noria is an innovative one Window air conditioning from the USA, which is suitable for windows that slide up. It differs from other window air conditioners in its compact size, easy installation and connection with smartphones.

Window air conditioning with elegant design

Window air conditioning noria-elegant-design-easy-to-use

Noria impresses with a clean design in black and gray. In addition, it has no unnecessary buttons – the only one is a rotary knob that regulates the temperature. Operation is therefore clearly simple and intuitive. Noria works quietly and is therefore suitable for every room, as well as for the bedroom.

Noria – a window air conditioner that is easy to assemble

Window air conditioner compact-size-easy-to-assemble-noria

The assembly of Noria does not need a craftsman. The window air conditioner is supplied with a frame that can easily be used on windows of different widths. If the frame is already attached to the window, the air conditioning system can be set up with just one click and does not require any remodeling work at home. Unfortunately, most of the windows in Europe can be opened and it is currently impossible to mount such an air conditioner on them.

Noria Air Conditioner can also provide fresh air


The compact air conditioning is mounted at the bottom of the window and the height of only 15 centimeters does not obscure the view at all. Furthermore, Noria has a new energy-saving technology that filters the outside air and brings it in. So you can ventilate the apartment without worrying about insects.

The Noria can be operated via Bluetooth


The window air conditioner Noria is just as smart. It is connected to the smartphone via Bluetooth and controlled from a distance. With the app you can not only regulate the temperature, but you can also create daily or weekly plans for automatic operation and lower energy consumption.

The window air conditioner only needs a little storage space


Another advantage of Noria is its space-saving storage. Thanks to its compact dimensions, the air conditioning can even be stowed under the bed in winter. A summary of the great properties of Noria can be found in the following video:

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