Top 10 creative alarm clocks with cool functions – oversleeping impossible!

Clocky creative alarm clock rolling off high tech idea

We like to sleep. And a common problem for almost everyone is oversleeping. Be it for work, class, meetings, or other important daytime activities. That is why the alarm clock has become our best friend these days and we should rely on it 100%. We hate him sometimes, but you would this 10 creative alarm clocks just love. They offer the best get-up guarantee and have cool and fun designs.

Creative alarm clocks that inspire action

Clocky alarm clock

creative alarm clock clocky white robot running away

With this small, fast and loud alarm clock you would wake up instantly. Clocky, with its all-terrain wheels, will jump out of your bedside table, walk around your room and make an annoying beep-beep sound at the same time. You have to catch it and turn it off.

Flying alarm clock

creative alarm clock flying propeller get up guarantee

To turn off this alarm clock, you have to get up again. The blown propeller is the key to stop the terrible sound.

flying alarm clock get up guarantee propeller

Shape Up alarm clock

creative alarm clock act form morning exercise

Ladies, this creative alarm clock would absolutely be the best gift for your lazy partner. You have to swing the bar 30 times to stop the alarm.

Pillow alarm clock

creative alarm clock pillow glowing technology

The pillow uses an LED fabric substrate under the surface to wake the user up with light in the eyes. This substrate also indicates the time on the surface of the pad.

Doormat alarm clock

creative alarm clock designs carpet led stand up switch off

This alarm clock will force you to physically get up to turn it off. If you really want to challenge it, put this doormat away from the bed. Of course it wouldn’t be a real alarm clock if it didn’t have an LCD screen.

Shoot the porthole with the pistol

creative alarm clock shooting target infrared laser gun

If you are not a pro at the shooting games, you must try this alarm clock. The rules are simple: you have to stop the alarm by shooting the laser pistol at the target in the porthole.

The creative alarm clock with IQ tasks

iq alarm clock design solve tasks in the morning

Here’s an alarm clock for nerds. To stop it, you have to solve an IQ problem. The design is so minimalist that it would look perfect in your bedroom.

defuse an alarm clock bomb

dynamite bars alarm clock design interesting idea

Disarming that alarm clock wouldn’t be as difficult as a bombshell, but the ticking is sure to get on your nerves.

Alarm clock with splash of water

creative alarm clock designs sleepy water eyes splash

Sleep 10 more minutes? This water-splash alarm clock will then start a water attack. Better to leave a towel nearby.

to shred a bill?

Alarm clock design shredding money turn off the bell

Oh god, turn it off, turn it off! This is too much! Shredding a hundred dollar bill to wake a hardcore sleeper? Thank god this is just a concept and the best part is no one knows who came up with this crazy idea.

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