Theft-proof smart bike with electric motor from VanMoof

smart bicycle tires-white-puristic-look

No bike is protected from theft, no matter how secure the lock may seem. But VanMoof has now found the perfect solution, with which you no longer have to worry about whether you will find your bike again where you left it. The so-called Smart bike enables the owner to find his bike via app. The manufacturer even guarantees a new bike if the stolen or missing one cannot be found within two weeks.

Smart bike in black

smart bike black-design-8-gaenge-vanmoof

The theft-proof smart bike is available in two colors. While the gray model offers a three-speed gearshift, the black model is offered with eight gears. The tracking system is chargeable, but not for the first two years. During this time you can use and test the offer free of charge. The tracking system should also only be useful in emergencies. To avoid theft in the first place, the bike was built with nuts and bolts to protect against tampering. The electronic bike lock is connected to the mobile phone thanks to the smartphone connectivity and can be operated by the owner himself.

Smart bike with a puristic design

smart bike lamp-handlebar-anti-theft-electronic-bike lock

However, this feature is by no means all that the smart bike has to offer. A light electric motor with a maximum speed of 32 km / h is attached to the front hub and, thanks to the powerful battery, offers long working hours with a range of up to 120 kilometers. However, due to the guidelines in Germany, the speed is reduced to 25 km / h. This battery is also not visible. For this purpose it was integrated into the frame itself. This way, the attractive, modern design of the bike is not interrupted. Its appearance is another element with which the smart bike impresses.

Powerful electric motor and battery

smart bike, electric motor, modern, powerful

The puristic smart bike is offered in a limited number of 1000 pieces for a price of 1998 euros. All models after that cost 2998 euros. The bikes you have ordered have been delivered since the beginning of June, so nothing stands in your way if you have decided to order the bike, which weighs only 18.5 kilograms. Here are some photos that show the bike in detail.

Rear light with a round shape


Protection against theft


Electronic bike lock


Tracking system to find the bike


Modern lock from VanMoof


E-bike for everyday life

smart bike brake disc spoke warranty tracking system

Digital display


Two variants for the gear shift


Bicycle in gray


Cheap and practical bike idea


VanMoof bike S in white


Battery integrated in the frame


Bicycle model with basket

smart-bike-men-women-electric donkey-electrics

Smart bike with simple controls


Smart bike from VanMoof.