The innovative concept for the iPhone 6 with hologram projection

hi-tech holographic projector iPhone 6 features

In Italy was a new concept for the Apple iPhone 6 presented, which impresses with two side holograms that can be operated like a touchscreen. Every new model of iPhone contains at least one new innovative element. But seldom is the step between two generations as great as we might like it to be. That’s why we like new designs that represent unique devices with previously unimaginable functions and apps.

The Italian concept for the iPhone 6 with hologram projection

Hi-tech thin profile Apple iPhone 6 hologram projector

This new concept for the iPhone 6 is the work of the Italian studio for Design Set Solution.

iPhone 6 with hologram projection Italy concept

The concept for that iPhone 6 is undoubtedly impressive. The Italians have developed a new version of the iPhone 6, which projects a hologram on both sides. These not only show additional content, but can also be operated just as easily as the touchscreen of the iPhone 6.

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The video developed in addition to the design shows how the vertically projected holograms can be used for interesting apps such as 3D games.

The idea of ​​holograms has long been complaining to both designers and consumers. So far, however, they are just concepts. This idea is not the first for the iPhone either. Just recently, designers introduced a hologram keyboard for Apple telephones that, like the touchscreen, can be operated with fingers.

At some point this idea will also find a place in consumer electronics. All that remains is to wait.