See-through mask “Leaf”: This innovative protective mask makes you smile!

As face masks have become such an important part of our everyday lives, people soon began to notice all the limitations that they bring with them. Some complain that most masks make it difficult to breathe, others say it gets too warm under the mask, and others are annoyed with fogging up their glasses. The list goes on, although it is evident that some of these problems are bigger and more important than others. A company called “Redcliffe Medical Devices” noticed one of these bigger problems and decided to solve it by developing their own product: the clear “Leaf” mask..

LEAF is the world’s first FDA-registered clear face mask

transparent mouth mask for deaf better

As you’ve probably noticed by now, a mask covers half a person’s face. Because of this, we cannot see people’s expressions, and it makes communication between people very difficult. But most importantly, when everyone is wearing a mask, the deaf will no longer be able to read their lips, and this is critical to their day-to-day interactions. Redcliffe Medical Devices has taken this into consideration and developed a face mask that does not cover your face while offering you the highest level of protection.

The transparent mask should allow people to openly show emotions despite face protection.

transparent plastic mask against corona

The LEAF mask is the world’s first FDA-registered, transparent protective mask with air filtering according to the N99 standard and a self-cleaning function thanks to integrated UV-C light. You stay safe, protect others and understand their facial expressions at the same time. It enables us to come as close as possible to the “normal”.

Verbal communication improves thanks to the transparent mask

transparent plastic mask for better facial expressions

The most important feature of the LEAF is probably its transparent look. The mask is made of transparent, medical grade silicone that offers a universal fit and ensures that your face is not covered by an otherwise opaque mask. The transparent mask has a filter that is around the chin and lets people around you see your nose, mouth and cheeks. This makes the mask naturally friendlier and allows others to see your identity and read your lips or facial expressions while you are speaking to them. The LEAF team also claims that the mask is extremely comfortable to wear, even over a long period of time.

The silicone mask has an anti-fog coating so that your mask does not fog up from the inside with every breath or when you speak. In theory, this means that you don’t have to take the mask off for your smartphone’s face recognition feature to work! In a report in the Wall Street Journal, certain devices, particularly iPhones, have had difficulty unlocking devices using facial recognition because their nose and mouth are not visible.

transparent protective mask with air filtering according to the N99 standard

The LEAF is the world’s first transparent mask with high-quality N99 + HEPA and HEPA activated carbon filters that are inserted into the chin area of ​​the mask. The highly efficient filter is supposed to filter 99.97 percent of all particles down to a size of just 0.3 micrometers. This will block all unpleasant smells, dust, pollution and microbes. Another outstanding feature is the self-disinfection function, which is possible thanks to the small built-in UV-C light.

The design looks pretty futuristic

Transparent protective mask Leaf available in different sizes

LEAF is available in 3 versions: Leaf HEPA, Leaf UV and Leaf PRO. There are also 4 different sizes: for children from three to eight years, from seven to twelve, for teenagers and for adults.

  • LEAF HEPA has the N99 + HEPA filter and is ultra-light.
  • LEAF UV contains UV-C sterilization built into the filter housing, which destroys pathogens at the DNA level, and an activated carbon filter to remove odors and organic substances.
  • LEAF PRO provides information on air quality, metabolism and ventilation control via an app on iOS and Android devices. By using all of these state-of-the-art technologies, the LEAF PRO offers the most effective protection.

transparent mask LEAF in three versions

Since the LEAF mask is made of medical silicone, it is intended for long-term use. Since single-use masks are becoming a threat to nature, LEAF offers the solution the world needs. A reusable, high quality mask with durable filters will help you do your part to protect our environment. The company claims that all parts of these masks are 100% recyclable. The filters last up to a month. Switching to transparent masks could have some lasting effects on our society and allow us to effectively socialize and bond with others, even from a safe distance!

transparent open mask: mouthguard LEAF

On the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo The see-through mask found 19,384 supporters who made the project possible with US $ 3,227,953. The masks start at $ 49 and come in a variety of packages, including a $ 499 Luxe Leaf Mom package that includes two LEAF UV, two LEAF Pro, and eight filters. The Redcliffe Healthcare team announced on July 14th that the manufacturing process for Leaf HEPA has already begun and they are expected to be ready to ship by the end of this month (July). All other variants are also on schedule. Leaf UV will be delivered at the end of August and Leaf PRO is expected to be available in the first half of September.