Riding a bicycle – a vehicle made of wood and made by hand


Riding a bicycle made of wood and made by hand is a great privilege. The Connor Wood Bicycles from Denver Colorado make small and big dreams come true and create mobile creations like only an artist can make his sculptures. It’s a real buzz, isn’t it?

Bicycle riding made of wood for all sports fans and interested parties


Do you ever have a clear idea of ​​one Bicycle made of wood had in mind and now see it as a reality before your eyes. Each piece is handcrafted from sustainable American hardwood and each of them is individually designed. Riding a bike and differentiating yourself from the rest of the world is a nice idea for sports fans and for all collectors from the technology industry and not to forget the interested parties.

Ride a bike – use real tricks


The bikes of the Connor Wood Bicycles are only made of walnut and ash wood. Boat varnish is used on the wood so that you can ride a bike for a long time and have it as a faithful companion on the go. The different, unusual bikes are offered in three versions: Woody Cruiser, Woody Scorcher and Woody Mountain. Immerse yourself in this world of incredible and unique driving, smoothly and easily with a satisfaction guarantee.

 A wave of enthusiasts will be delighted with this bike Woody-bike-by-Connor The best of Connor Wood Bicycles from North America North American wooden bicycles Every route is covered with this bike Bicycle-modern-made-of-wood Would you like a new wooden bike for the ultimate and unforgettable experience Bicycle-on-the-road-made of wood Individual accents for each model Designer-bicycle-made-of-wood-by-Brooks A real work of art on wheelsThe-steering-rod-made-of-wood

 The incredible Woody Scorcher on target