Electric balance bike idea for adults – the innovative Lopifit

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Do you like walking a lot, but would you prefer to get ahead quickly? Then the product that we would like to introduce to you is guaranteed to be exactly the right one for you. It’s an original and fun one Impeller idea, where running and cycling are wonderfully combined. The model is wonderfully suitable for adults as well as for older children.

Balance bike idea for everyday life and leisure

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An electric Quantum motor for the impeller idea also supports you while running and quadruples your normal running speed to that of a normal bike thanks to 350 watts. A battery for the balance bike combination lets you run up to 44 km before it has to be recharged.

Impeller idea with an electric motor

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Bruin Bergmeester came up with this balance bike idea for adults. And how he came up with the idea can be guessed at just looking at the wheel. He was on the treadmill in his garage when he thought how nice it would be if he could run on it outdoors.

Idea in red


The impeller idea now works according to the same principle. You stand on a treadmill that sets the bike in motion when you walk on it. If the treadmill of the balance bike combination is moved backwards, a sensor is activated, which in turn sends a signal to the motor. This supports your running movements, as is the case with the treadmill.

Different colors


You are doing something good for your body, but at the same time you are protecting the environment and making rapid progress. A brake is also attached to the bike. If this is activated, the motor is switched off immediately, which makes the impeller idea safer.

The impeller idea was a success from the start. As soon as he took it outside with him, everyone was thrilled. The years of work had paid off, because the balance bike called Lopifit is now being sold worldwide.

Black design

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For the implementation of the impeller idea made of high quality materials and make the impeller a stable and long-lasting device. Nevertheless, the company has a workshop made up of experienced fitters who are available if problems should arise.

Orange color

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In addition, the balance bike for adults is available in different colors. In this way everyone can choose the right design for themselves and get a more personal product. There are 6 different colors on offer and, more precisely, red, black, white, silver, orange and blue.



The running bike is also equipped with LED lamps, which guarantee safe running even in the twilight and at seams. The length of 2.3 meters, which was chosen for the running bike idea and exceeds that of an ordinary bicycle, makes running on the small treadmill a pleasant experience.

Idea by Bruin Bergmeester

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A luggage rack is of course not missing in the balance bike idea. Every bag can be stowed away wonderfully on the way to work. Long walks or trips can also be made wonderfully in this way. Have you planned a picnic? No problem, just pack the picnic basket on the luggage rack!

Environmentally friendly technology


The balance bike idea for adults is a great alternative to slow running, but also to often strenuous cycling. If you don’t have the strength for a bike or have problems with your knees and can’t ride a bike, you have the option of using this variant as a great replacement.

Wheel Lopitech by Bruin Bergmeester.

Available in Germany from lopifit-nord.