Clothes care with “Swash” – a practical cleaning system

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You probably know the problem: you want to wear a certain piece of clothing, but as soon as you take it out of the closet, you find that it doesn’t smell as fresh as you would like it to be. Or you have already worn your favorite shirt the day before, but want to put it on again and feel the same freshness again. And with shirts in particular, it often happens that it unexpectedly wrinkles and you rarely have time to iron in the morning before work. In such cases, the “swash” system comes up for your Clothes care help.

Clothes care “Swash” available in two colors

cleaning clothes swash system functional care

The practical system for clothing care has many advantages. Not only can it straighten wrinkled clothes and make unpleasant smells go away within 10 minutes. It also gives the clothes their original fit, so they will feel like new again. This will also extend the life of your clothes. And the clothes care “Swash” can do all of this in just 10 minutes and without involving you. Not only do you save time, but also money by using dry cleaning.

Clothes care system is easy to use

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All you have to do is do everything you would do during this time, because Swash will take care of your clothes. In between you can check how far Swash is with the cleaning program, because this is indicated by a light system. You can find out the status at a glance and also if a system error has occurred.

For the clothes care, put the cleaner in the device

cleaning system swash aroma container scent black clothes

No pipes are required for the Swash clothing care system. All you need is a socket and you can start taking care of your clothes.

The cleaners for clothes care come in three fragrances

fragrance cleaning swash pad clothes care

Pin the garment for a better cleaning effect

clothes care cleaning system practical swash

There is a clothes hanger to hang up for the swash care system

swash clothes care system black hanger

Have clothes cleaned without spending a lot of time

clothes care beige white system swash

Swash care system for clothes in gray

maintain clothes swash white model practical

The device for maintaining clothes in black

swash system cleaning freshness black lamp

The clothing care system Swash.