Back Market: Smartphones that are prepared in an environmentally friendly way reduce our ecological footprint

Video camera, navigation system, music player and mobile phone in one: the first iPhone appeared in 2007 and caused a sensation even then. In the next thirteen years, smartphones have developed from a niche product to an absolute bestseller. According to statistics, they have now become a loyal companion for over 81% of Germans in their hectic everyday life. However, this greatly increased consumption of smartphones and tablets also has negative consequences for the environment, because a lot of metals are used in the manufacture of the devices. The innovative platform Back Market offers environmentally friendly devices for all those who do not want to do without modern smartphones and at the same time want to reduce their ecological footprint.

Back Market: The French platform for recycled electronic devices

French platform Back Market prepares smartphones

The Back Market platform has already established itself as an expert in reprocessed electrical appliances in France. The range not only includes smartphones, but also laptops, TV and audio devices, game consoles, video cameras, drones and even small kitchen appliances. All products are first reconditioned by a certified partner workshop and tested according to a test report. The strict criteria that Back Market specifies are a guarantee for the high quality and reliability of the electronics. With the idea of ​​sustainable repair in mind, all old parts are passed on for recycling.

Back Market: High quality, brand new equipment at a reduced price

Environmentally-friendly smartphones protect the environment

The Back Market platform offers several advantages for consumers. On the one hand, the sustainable devices are available at a significantly reduced price. A comparison shows that the prices are 30% to 70% lower than in stores. The popular iPhone 8 is by 46% (288 euros instead of 539 euros) and that iPhone 8 plus even 50% (325 euros instead of 659 euros) cheaper than in specialist shops. The two smartphones are now available.

Refurbished smartphones reduce the ecological footprint

Thanks to the close cooperation with more than 1000 certified workshops, Back Market was also able to optimize the technical processes. The platform’s employees regularly visit the partner workshops to exchange ideas. Above all, the customers benefit from this cooperation, because they can find important information regarding the repairs carried out as well as the optical condition of the devices in the product description.

The production of smartphones endangers the environment

It is precisely this close partnership that makes it possible for every product to be delivered with an extended guarantee. All warranty certificates issued are saved in the customer profile, can be called up at any time and can be downloaded. In addition, all electrical devices ordered can be returned within 14 days.

When it comes to payment, the Back Market platform also makes it very easy for consumers. Payment via Pay Pal or Klarna is also possible, among other things. So everyone can pay for their order on account or opt for payment in installments.

Anyone who buys recycled electrical appliances is doing something good for the environment

Back Market the online platform for environmentally friendly smartphones

More and more people understand environmental protection as one of the most important tasks of today’s society. At Back Market, therefore, ideas for reducing the ecological footprint are addressed directly. Thanks to the many environmental protection campaigns, over 100,000 trees have already been planted. There is also recycling: Because electrical devices that can be reprocessed do not have to be taken from nature. And cell phone production is known to be very resource-intensive. Since its inception, Back Market has contributed to 72 megatons less of raw materials being used in the manufacture of smartphones. That also means 1700 tons less electronic waste.

Whether a smartphone, a game console or maybe a sound system: The innovative French platform Back Market combines quality, low prices and sustainability.