6 cool apps that can make our lives easier

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Who doesn’t have their cell phone with them all the time these days? At work, in leisure time or during sports, our smartphone accompanies us everywhere. There are always numerous cool apps that help us cope with our everyday lives. Here you will find a selection of helpful apps that cover various everyday activities. With it you can easily plan a trip, follow a training program, manage finances and run your own company yourself.

Cool apps for travel – tips for travel planning

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Not all holiday tires book their trip via the Internet, some still use the classic approach to their holiday search and first browse through the travel catalog. Some providers are now offering their customers additional information and services via apps. With the Thomas Cook app, for example, certain catalog pages can be scanned. Now the user receives additional information such as videos or 360 degree tours directly on his smartphone. In addition, travel apps often provide information about changed flight times or offer maps of the travel destination for download. You can find a comparison of different vacation apps here. The Deutsche Bahn app is just as useful. Passengers can use this navigator to find out about possible delays on their train.

MoneyControl – The mobile financial planning

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With the MoneyControl app, users have their budget book with them at all times. All inputs and expenditures can be clearly listed, so that at the end of the month the user can see where he has spent too much money and where he can save in the future. The start page always shows the financial status so that the user always knows what he can afford at the moment and what he should perhaps do without at the moment. Recurring payments such as rent or salary can be booked manually on a monthly basis, while short-term expenses and income can be booked manually. For data protection reasons, the files are only saved on the respective device. You can find more information about the mobile household book at

Manage your own company while on the move

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Entrepreneurs also benefit from helpful apps. The software manufacturer Lexware offers its customers, for example, mobile versions of its inventory management program. With this, the entrepreneur always has data on customers, suppliers and incoming and outgoing goods at hand. This is a good solution, especially for business travelers and entrepreneurs who are often away from home, to manage the inventory management of their company while they are on the move.

Save money cleverly when shopping


There are useful cool apps for everyday life, especially for everyone who would like to save money when shopping. The app of the Internet comparison portal Idealo, for example, enables the user to compare prices quickly and easily while on the move. With the help of a barcode scanner, the application recognizes the desired product and shows the user prices, availability and delivery options of the respective product. So everyone can find the cheapest price. More information about this app is available here.

Fit and healthy through sports apps


For sports enthusiasts, there are various ways to keep fit with the help of programs for the smartphone. The Runtastic app is particularly popular. This means that the user can see at a glance how long he has run, what distance he has covered, what energy he has used, what his average speed was and much more. With these statistics, the program helps to achieve personal goals more quickly. The app does not only focus on jogging, anyone who prefers to ride a road bike or mountain bike can also use the app. Meanwhile, Runtastic also offers the user many other functions such as a trainer for abdominal, leg or gluteal muscles.

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