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Wolf Tattoo – Meaning, 15 Ideas and Designs Just for Wolf Head Tattoo

tattoo wolf wolf head colored blue teeth grim moon orange

The tattoo you choose shouldn’t be chosen just mindlessly. Instead, it is associated with certain symbols and meanings that are meant to reflect your person, character, or your experiences and experiences. In this article we want you to Wolf tattoo imagine and what it means, depending on the way in which it is represented.

Wolf Tattoo – Colorful, Japanese style

wolf tattoo sleeve idea japanese style colorful colors black fur

The wolf tattoo originally comes from North America. There the Indians used it as a body ornament, which is said to have a positive influence on their life. But the Celts also used the wolf as a symbol. However, not every depicted wolf means one and the same thing. Depending on the design and activity of the wolf, it can have different meanings.

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Nordic Wolf Tattoo – Fenrir, the Fenris Wolf

wolf tattoo nordic red color idea claw arm

The wolf can symbolize loneliness as well as individualism. At the same time, he is also seen as a spiritual guide. Here are a few more explanations:

Lonely wolf

tattoo wolf forearm lonely forest wrist design arm

The lone wolf is particularly suitable for soloists. So if you are one of those people who take their life into their own hands, spend a lot of time alone and like to do so, then the lone wolf is the right choice for you. It symbolizes an iron will and strength.

Black wolf for rebels

tattoo wolf forearm half sleeve black flower

If the wolf tattoo is designed in black, it symbolizes the dark side of the wolf. So if you are more of a wild nature, you have made the right choice. Growling wolves who also bar their teeth reinforce this symbolism even more.

Wild wolf in black

wolf tattoo wolf head forearm black design aggressive flower accent

In the same way, an aggressive wolf can stand for strength and protection of the family. Accordingly, another meaning of this type of wolf tattoo is loyalty and masculinity.

Celtic wolf

wolf tattoo tribal celtic design howl black paw

The tribal is and will remain a popular tattoo design. And if this design is chosen for the wolf tattoo, you reflect strength and also the family. With the Celtic wolf, thick lines are usually used for design. These merge evenly and seem so endless.

Howling Wolf

tattoo wolf tattoo idea forest moon hill howl

In principle, the meaning of this tattoo is exactly what one associates with the image. The lonely creature has no one but the moon. It can also stand for the secrets of darkness or even death.

Idea for a wolf tattoo with dream catcher

tattoo wolf dream catcher head feather indian design

The wolf is said to have a protective function. It gives strength to the person wearing a wolf tattoo and helps in their development. We have put together some great designs for you here:

Japanese wolf tattoo

tattoo wolf japanese style blossom trees colorful design idea

If you like Japanese designs, you can also choose the wolf tattoo accordingly. The Japanese tattoos are mainly characterized by flowers and many bright colors.

tattoo wolf fenriswolf fenrir teeth raven combination upper arm

You can also combine the wolf tattoo with another animal. In this way you give the tattoo a further meaning and create an individual design.

tattoo wolf head skull original black red accents black teeth

This wolf head tattoo depicts a black wolf, but it has been designed in an original way. Half of it is a skull. The symbolism is reinforced again by the bared teeth.

wolf head tattoo template tribal idea modern design

Combine the wolf head with a tribal tattoo. You get a Celtic design that is very popular.

tattoo wolf forearm full moon blue purple nuances howl tree wolf head

If you are into colorful tattoos, you can also display the howling wolf tattoo in color. With colors like blue and purple, the design looks particularly mysterious and mystical.

wolf tattoo colors sickle moon howl wolf head tattoo

Here you can see a howling wolf in a colored version. Usually a full moon is chosen as a motif, but a crescent moon provides variety and individuality. The wolf tattoo doesn’t necessarily have to take up a lot of space either. A small design can also be chosen.