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The very latest tattoos for women from Pinterest – an overview of 15 motifs

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Perhaps every third person on the street has at least one tattoo. Some refer to the art on the skin as a trend that is temporary. However, the engraved motifs last for eternity, so they should also have a meaning for the wearer. Since the decision for a lifelong motif is not free from trends, we present 15 cutting-edge tattoos for women from Pinterest below.

The latest tattoos for women from Pinterest: An overview of the most popular parts of the body and motifs

tattoos women back shoulder retro oldscool

Men and women also differ significantly when it comes to the selection of tattoo motifs. Of course, a motif cannot be 100% labeled just male or female, as the style in which the tattoo is done is just as important. In addition, not every motif is equally suitable for every part of the body. Delicate, artistic tattoos are particularly popular with women because they want to look even more beautiful and attractive with them.

Tattoos for women on the forearm: a piece of jewelry or a statement

tattoos women forearm inside blue flowers floral

It is difficult to say whether the women choose the motif or the part of the body that should be stung first. But one thing is clear: parts of the body such as the back, shoulder, upper arm and thigh simply offer the best conditions for large-scale and elaborate tattoos. Individual or small tattoos, on the other hand, come into their own better on places such as forearm, collarbone, ankle, back of the foot, neck, ribs, even on the finger. They look like real pieces of jewelry and are rarely noticed immediately.

Tattoos for women on the ribs or on the back

Tattoos women ribs watercolor without contour colored

You also rarely look at your own tattoos on your back or ribs. These parts of the body are usually covered by clothing and the motifs can only be seen in summer or when bathing. Large tattoos can also be done there. Today, tattoos on the stomach and just above the coccyx are considered old-fashioned and tasteless.

Tattoos for women on the thigh

tattoos women thigh realistic blue swallow black

On the thigh as well as on the upper arm, both individual motifs and large-area tattoos can be stung. In addition, the stinging in these parts of the body is not as painful, because there is enough fatty tissue under the skin to partially “isolate” the pain.

Tattoos for women on the finger: signs and symbols

tattoos women fingers small fine minimalistic characters

Subtle little finger tattoos are totally hip on Pinterest. Symbols, characters, letters, dates and digits are usually displayed on the fingers, which require only a small amount of skin surface. On the one hand, the small motifs look very decorative and as a real body ornament, on the other hand they have a special meaning for the wearer. It is important to mention here that this part of the body is technically extremely problematic. The ink is extremely difficult to insert and clean, clear results are almost impossible.

Small tattoos for women on the collarbone

tattoos women shoulder minimalist celestial body moon

Few women have a motif on their collarbone. The reason for this is mostly because this part of the body is extremely painful. The closer the needle gets to the bone, the more painful it will be. This also applies to the rib and back tattoos. In these places the fat layer is very thin and the skin is very sensitive. It is mainly filigree motifs or lettering that are engraved.

Old school style tattoos for women

tattoos women oldscool forearm retro vintage colored

We scoured the latest pins on Pinterest and picked out the most popular tattoo styles among women. First we introduce the old school style, which is still known as traditional. First and foremost, the old school tattoos are characterized by the style of the former seafaring tattoos. Thick black outlines and strong fill colors are characteristic.

Realistic tattoos for women

Tattoos women forearm inside realistic bird peacock

Realistic tattoos not only look beautiful, but are also considered real works of art under the skin. Many hours with a good tattoo artist are necessary for the result to really succeed. Often times this style of tattoo is mixed with others and it eventually results in something unique.

Tattoos for women in black ink only: Blackwork

tattoos women ribs discreet black minimalistic animal seal

The origin of the blackwork tattoos lies in the Celtic and tribal tattoos. The motif is only engraved with black ink. The result looks like a graphic representation and convinces with artistic shades and gray levels. The black and white motifs are often combined with colored details in a watercolor style.

Emotional tattoos for women: motifs with deep personal meaning

tattoos women meaning dog paw unique

Women are more emotional than men and often choose tattoo designs with a deeply personal background. Such tattoos are unique and very different from the mainstream motifs. Celebrities like Heidi Klum, Angelina Jolie, Victoria and David Beckham and others have had their children’s names and dates of birth engraved and thus established a tattoo trend that has never become a mass movement.

tattoos women ankle small personal meaning

A tattoo that immortalizes loved ones gets even more personal touch. Portraits of the children and loved ones or famous personalities who have a deep meaning for the wearer, even of the pets, are currently more in demand than ever.

Currently trendy tattoos for women: Minimalist motifs

tattoos women rib minimalist discreet

For many women, small, delicate motifs are an option. Minimalist tattoos that are done very thinly are currently in vogue. Small symbols and signs such as the infinity symbol, sun, moon and stars, circles, triangles, etc. are particularly suitable for such mini tattoos.

Tiny motifs on a subtle part of the body

tattoos women minimalist date of birth foot copyright sign

Minimalist tattoo motifs are not a new trend and are still convincing today with their expressive appearance. The simple black and white design serves as the perfect medium to bring a message or a certain symbol tastefully and inconspicuously under the skin.

Fashionable tattoos for women: temporary henna tattoo

tattoos women henna hand finger ornaments

In addition to the lifelong permanent tattoos, the temporary henna tattoos are also very popular at the moment. They have their very own charm and undoubtedly look very exotic. With black or neutral or reddish henna paste, artistic ornaments can traditionally be depicted on the hands and feet. When the paste dries and falls off on its own, the color will be absorbed by the skin. The temporary tattoo lasts up to three weeks. The traditional henna art serves as a source of inspiration for the currently very modern lace tattoos. Some people who are toying with the idea of ​​getting a real tattoo get a henna tattoo first to see if they like the motif or the idea for a permanent tattoo. However, an engraved motif looks very different, especially if it should be done with color.