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The butterfly tattoo – what is the meaning of the motif?

butterfly tattoo motif-colored-3d-effect-foot

Every child knows that the ugly caterpillar will turn into a beautiful butterfly with fabulous wings. This metamorphosis is just one of the reasons why this is Butterfly tattoo is so popular. It has become a symbol of rebirth and change. The butterfly wings are full of colors, represent delicacy and a freedom-loving personality.

The butterfly tattoo looks feminine and delicate

butterfly tattoo motif-leg-monarch-butterfly-orange

In Japanese philosophy, the butterfly is a representation of the soul. The ancient Greeks believed in it too. For the Chinese, two butterflies flying together are a symbol of love. Depending on the context and personal preferences, the meaning of the butterfly tattoo can be interpreted differently.

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Butterfly tattoo and its meaning


The butterfly tattoo is very feminine and looks great all over the body. The motif can also be combined with other elements such as asterisks, flowers and squiggles. Take a look at our great ideas and get a nice tattoo with butterflies!

Monarch butterfly on the wrist


The monarch butterfly is characterized by its rounded wings, which are black on the outside with small white dots and strong orange on the inside.

Monarch butterfly on the top of the foot

butterfly tattoo motif-foot-top-monarch-butterfly

If you want a small tattoo that can easily be overdone for professional purposes, then the top of your foot is the perfect place for a small monarch butterfly tattoo.

Pixel look butterfly


If you are looking for a fancy design for your new butterfly tattoo, then this colorful example would be perfect for you.

Rose branch with two butterflies and names


The names of parents, children or a loved one can also be integrated into the tattoo design. Roses and butterflies are a timeless combination that embodies beauty and elegance.

Butterfly tattoo abstract zibu symbol

The butterfly motif can not only be combined with flowers, but also with other signs and symbols. This one is called comes from the language Zibu the angel and means “new life”.

two butterflies and a dragonfly on the shoulder blade

butterfly tattoo motif black shoulder blade

Combination of two designs


The mother of this woman has a butterfly tattoo and her father – an elephant on her arm, so she decided to combine these two motifs.

3D butterfly tattoo

butterfly tattoo 3d effect foot top

A tattoo butterfly with a 3D effect also looks very impressive. To make it look realistic, a shadow is made underneath. This creates the illusion that a real butterfly has landed on you.

butterfly tattoo 3d motif forearm monarch butterfly


butterfly tattoo dandelion-back-blue-purple

butterfly tattoo monarch butterfly paint splatter


Butterfly tattoo motif-wing-bow-anti-cancer

Butterfly tattoo meaning-dandelion-black-back






butterfly-tattoo-colorful-aqua-blue-green-shoulder blade






butterfly tattoo meaning lung cancer ribbon







butterfly tattoo flower template design


butterfly tattoo abstract-template-schnoerkel-combination