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Tattoo trends 2021: These motifs and tattoo designs will adorn our skin!

Once frowned upon and associated with subcultures and rebels, tattoos are now mainstream and have enjoyed increasing popularity over the past 20 years. More and more people around the world are constantly looking for inspiration for different and unique motifs that will adorn their skin forever. And body art is similar to fashion – every year we see a whole range of new trends that affect our style. The tattoo world attracts talented artists who introduce new tattoo designs or bring old ones back to life. Whether a large yakuza tattoo or a small diamond tattoo – there are now an abundance of tattoos and all tattoo fans get their money’s worth. As this year is slowly coming to an end, we would of course like to introduce you to the latest and most popular tattoo trends for 2021. From filigree micro tattoos to beautiful microrealism tattoos – there is certainly something for every taste! So get inspired and give your tattoo artist a call!

Tattoos with Meaning tattoo trends 2021 for women

With the improvement of technologies and increasing demand, tattoos have turned into amazing, multi-colored and intricate works of art. Trends come and go and choosing the right tattoo design can be a real challenge at times. Of course, you can get inspiration from the trendy themes, but it’s much more important to find something that suits you. The style and placement of the tattoo should reflect your unique personality as well as your lifestyle. Also, always keep in mind that a tattoo will stay on your skin forever – so you want to choose the design wisely!

Small and beautiful: Microtattoos are among the most popular tattoo trends in 2021

what are microtattoos tattoo trends 2021

Of course, large back tattoos are beautiful in themselves and something very special. However, they are not for everyone and for the next year a countertrend is in the spotlight and that is microtattoos. These are small and filigree motifs and the trend is perfect for everyone who gets their first tattoo and wants to start slowly. Or maybe you want a tattoo that isn’t too intrusive and that you can hide as well if needed? Although the tattoos are quite small, the designs range from minimalist to super intricate and cater for everyone. Whether small letters, animals, geometric patterns or an Unalome tattoo – everything is possible! Microtattoos are pricked with finer individual needles than usual and require an incredible amount of skill and attention to detail. So that your micro tattoo really comes into its own despite the minimalist design, it is advisable to find a tattoo artist who already has experience in this area.

Mixed media tattoos will grace our skin in 2021

Mixed media tattoo trends 2021 sleeve tattoo design for women

With so many styles to choose from in the tattoo world, why should we limit ourselves to just one particular one? With mixed media tattoos, which combine different visual silences and elements in an ingenious and exciting way, the tattoo trends 2021 will be taken to a completely new level. Mixing multiple motifs creates unique and incredibly cool tattoos. As in most works of art, mixed media tattoos are engraved in such a way that the styles and motifs work together and complement each other. They break all the rules for uniform tattoos and instead put together elements that we would normally never expect together. The exciting thing is that you can develop your creativity and that you have many opportunities for new and unusual ideas.

So simple and yet so beautiful: Words and sayings are also among the biggest tattoo trends of 2021

Tattoo trends 2021 tattoo sayings ideas small tattoos with meaning

Without a doubt, the tattoo trends in 2021 are going more towards minimalism and minimalist words tattoos are the clear proof of this. Without any embellishment and further details – single words or small sayings with a deep and inspiring meaning make for a contemporary and beautiful tattoo. This tattoo trend is not about the design, but rather the message you want to convey. Another interesting option would be to get your favorite quote from a movie or book that speaks to you and reflects your story.

Micro Realistic Tattoos

Tattoo Trends 2021 Microrealism Tattoo Design Ideas

The tattoo world is seeing its own version of the renaissance over the next year. Similar to the historical movement, tattoos of animals, portraits and other objects looked very flat and one-dimensional and more like caricatures 10 years ago. Fortunately, the Michelangelos and Leonardos of our generation have perfected their skills and use our skin as a canvas for beautiful, realistic works of art. Realistic tattoos have been in trend for several years and are highly valued by all tattoo fans. However, these are now also engraved in the micro version and micro realism tattoos are among the most popular tattoo trends in 2021. Here, too, it is recommended to find an experienced tattoo artist who already has experience and an eye for detail.

Creative surrealistic tattoos

Surrealism tattoo design tattoo trends 2021

Surrealism is without a doubt one of the strangest and most impressive art forms out there. An artist not only has to be very creative, but also has to have a very skilled hand to bring his crazy ideas to life. The movement has of course also found its way into the tattoo world and surrealist tattoos are among the most popular tattoo trends in 2021. The designs range from natural creations to science fiction themes to disturbing creatures like from a horror movie – surrealist tattoos are interesting and viewers could hardly look away.

Chicano tattoos

Chicano Tattoos Origin Tattoo Trends 2021 Chest Tattoo For Men

Although Chicano tattoos are not that well known yet, the tattoo style was born in California prisons back in the 50s. Chicano means “Mexican-American” or, in other words, the people who live in the USA, but have their roots and origins in Mexico. Chicano tattoos are characterized by excellent fine black-gray lines in monochrome and delicate shades and can be super complicated and large, as well as small and delicate. Mostly they contain lettering, gang symbols, realistic portraits as well as different cultural and religious motifs. Some of the popular portraits for Chicano tattoos include clowns, women, cars, guns, or deceased family members, among others. Similar to a La Catrina tattoo, the women are often depicted with a creepy clown make-up and represent the sugar scull.

Negative space tattoos

Negative space tattoo design tattoo trends 2021

Negative space tattoos are something very special and have been enjoying increasing popularity for several years. This is an “inverted” tattoo style. How is that supposed to work? For example, imagine a forearm that is mostly covered in black ink and is in the shape of a lonely rose that really catches the eye. Well, here comes the surprise – the rose itself is just bare skin, so the black ink around it draws attention to it. So instead of stabbing the tattoo, the artist draws the outline and leaves the design blank. Due to the optical illusion and the depth, negative space tattoos are real eye-catchers!

The classic: New school tattoos are still trendy

New School Tattoo Trends Sleeve Tattoo For Men

New school tattoos are actually nothing new, but will still grace our skin next year. The tattoo style is directly inspired by the pop culture motifs and cartoons of the 80s and 90s and brings back great childhood memories in many of us. Always wanted a stylized Scooby Doo or Mickey Mouse tattooed on your biceps in bold and vibrant colors? Then New School Tattoo are for you!

Bold and eye-catching: face and neck tattoos

Neck tattoos for women tattoo trends 2021

If you asked most tattoo artists whether to do a face or neck tattoo, you would likely get a resounding “no” for an answer, followed by a series of questions such as “are you sure?” Even if tattoos have become quite normal today, tattoos on the face or neck are still considered to be pretty extreme. But that will change in the next year, because neck and face tattoos are undoubtedly one of the hottest yet bizarre tattoo trends of 2021. Many tattoo fans and celebrities, such as Justin Bieber, have recently opted for small and delicate face tattoos composed mostly of words, flowers, or stars.

Tattoo trends 2021: cool ideas and inspirations

Black and Gray Tattoo Design Ideas Forearm Tattoos For Women

Blackwork Negative Space Tattoos are perfect for anyone who wants a unique tattoo design

Blackwork tattoo trends 2021 sleeve tattoo design for men

So small and yet so beautiful: micro tattoos

Micro tattoos trend 2021 small tattoo motifs for women

Negative space tattoos are very popular with both men and women

Negative Space Tattoo Trends 2021 small tattoos for women

Microrealism tattoos for contemporary designs

Microrealism Tattoo Trends 2021 small tattoos with meaning for women

Colorful and lively: No wonder that new school tattoos are among the most popular tattoo trends in 2021

New School Tattoo Design Ideas Tattoo Trends 2021

Chicano tattoos are especially popular with women

Shoulder tattoo design for women Chicano Tattoo Trends 2021