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Tattoo Studios Berlin: The best places for your next tattoo at a glance!

Without a doubt, Berlin is one of the most beautiful cultural capitals in Europe. Writers, artists and painters from all over the world move there to be part of the vibrant and colorful art scene. And with more than 1000 tattoo studios, it is not surprising that the German capital is considered a Mecca for everyone who wants to be tattooed by some of the best tattoo artists in Germany. Just a short walk through Kreuzberg, Friedrichshain or Prenzlauer Berg will convince you of this. Whether old school, blackwork, handpoke or tattoos in realistic style – there is simply everything. But with such a large selection, it is very easy to lose track and that’s what we’re here for you. We have done a little research and introduce you to some of the best tattoo studios in Berlin.

Tattoo Studios Berlin best tattoo artist Germany back tattoo woman

Have you already decided on a specific motif and the style in which it should be engraved? Then you just have to find the right tattoo artist who specializes in exactly this style. In addition, to prevent infection or disease, you must make sure that the tattoo studio is clean and that the tattoo artists only work with professional equipment and high quality inks.

Tattoo Studios Berlin – Toe Loop Tattoo

Toe Loop Tattoo Studio Berlin Unterarm-Tattoo women tattoo trends 2020

The “Toe Loop” tattoo studio was opened in 2008 in the lively and multicultural Berlin district of Neukölln in the quiet Weserstraße. The studio is owned by the painter Oliver Strupp, who himself comes from a family full of artists. The studio is quite small, but there is still a warm and cozy atmosphere that makes customers relax and feel at home. The aim of the owner is to give the tattooists who work there the freedom to create their own style and to further develop their creativity and knowledge. Many famous names in the tattoo world like Valentin Hirsch, Chaim Malchev, Julia Rehme, Exel Esjmont etc. have already worked as a guest artist at “Toe Loop Tattoo” and that is exactly what makes the small but fine shop one of the best tattoo studios in Berlin.

“Toe Loop Tattoo” address: Weserstr. 38, 12045, Berlin

“Blood and Iron” tattoo studio

Blood and Iron Tattoo Studio Berlin famous tattoo artist Germany

“Blut und Eisen” was founded by Yvone Ziegler in the late 1990s and has since established itself as a real institution in the German capital’s tattoo scene. The atmosphere there is incredibly relaxed, the tattoos are real works of art and the motifs are very detailed. If you are into large, eye-catching tribal tattoos or those in blackwork and dotwork, then “Blood and Iron” is exactly the right Berlin Tattoo Studio for you! Gerhard Wiesbeck, one of the most sought-after and best tattoo artists in the world, is part of the studio’s top team.

“Blood and Iron” tattoo studio address: Stargarder Str. 7, 10437 Berlin

“Bläckfisk Tattoo”

Berlin Tattoo Studios Bläckfisk Tattoo Studio Germany

Are you out and about in Berlin and spontaneously felt like getting a new and cool tattoo? Then the “Bläckfisk Tattoo Studio” in Kreuzberg is exactly the right place for you! In addition to the 8 good tattoo artists who work there, the shop is characterized by regular walk-in days. At least 2 artists as well as a constantly changing list of guest tattooists from home and abroad are available to customers throughout the day. The team specializes primarily in classic motifs, realistic portraits, comic style or Asian and Japanese tattoos.

Bläckfisk Tattoo Studio Address: Reichenberger Str. 133, 10999 Berlin

“AKA” tattoo studio 

AKA Tattoo Studios Berlin back tattoo men best tattoo artist Germany

The “AKA Tattoo” is one of the most respected and well-known tattoo studios in Berlin. The shop is much more than a place where beautiful masterpieces are engraved. It is also a piercing studio and an art gallery, in which several interesting exhibitions take place every year, including the annual submissions event for street art. The talented tattoo artists at “AKA Berlin” are some of the few in Germany who have excellent sketch tattoos, which are among the latest tattoo trends 2020, or those in blackwork style. The changing guest artists from all over the world, such as Bastien Jean, Michele Servadio and Achille Molinè, make the offer and the shop even more interesting.

AKA Tattoo Studio Berlin Address: Pflügerstrasse 6, 12047 Berlin

Tattoo studio “Breast or Club” 

Alter Schwan Tattoo Studio Berlin best tattoo artist Germany tattoo trends 2020

With gold-green wallpaper and beautiful antique furniture, the interior looks like “Breast or Club”, as if you were tattooed in a Wes Anderson film or as if you were visiting grandma. The tattoo and piercing studio is located in Prenzlauer Berg and welcomes its customers in an incredibly cozy and comfortable atmosphere. Even though it was only opened in 2013, it has proven to be one of the best Berlin tattoo studios several times. Some of the best-known and most sought-after tattoo artists work there in the neo-traditional style, such as Daniel Gensch, Sebastian Brade and Marco Schmidgunst.

“Chest or Club” Tattoo Studio Berlin Address: Danziger Str. 134, 10407 Berlin

“Harvest time tattoo”

Berlin tattoo studios harvest time tattoo shop Germany arm tattoo women

“Harvest Time Tattoo” was opened in 2012 and is also located in Prenzlauer Berg – a little paradise for all tattoo fans. It is located in the back yard of an old wooden building, which gives the shop a rustic charm. One of the owners, Christoph Aribert, tattoos with his own handcrafted iron machines that he has technically tailored to his own aesthetic. The artist has more than 20 years of experience with blackwork, traditional and Japanese tattoos. The remaining artists are true professionals in the field of graphics, dotwork, blackwork and delicate mandala tattoos. In addition, tattoo artists from all over the world are often guests at “Harvest Time”.

Harvest Time Tattoo Berlin Address – Diedenhofer Str. 3, 10405 Berlin

“Nightliner Tattoo Studio” 

Nightliner Tattoo Studio Berlin back tattoo men famous tattoo artist

“Nightliner Tattoo” is clear proof that some of the best and most famous tattoo studios in Berlin are located in Prenzlauer Berg. The studio has existed since the beginning of 1998 and has been an integral part of the tattoo world ever since. The gifted tattoo artists do all kinds of styles and each of them has their own specialty. Since the appointments are always booked months in advance, you have to contact the tattoo studio in good time. It is also important to know that you cannot make appointments by email.

Nightliner Tattoo Berlin address – Wisbyer Str. 71, 10439 Berlin

“Pechschwarz” tattoo studio

Pechschwarz Tattoostudio Berlin Sketch Tattoos Trend

The name of this Berlin Tattoo Studio already tells us a lot about the styles that the artists focus on there. If you are interested in blackwork tattoos, then you are in good hands with “Pechschwarz”. In no other city is the style as intensely engraved as in Berlin and the fact that the studio is one of the best in town speaks for itself.

Pechschwarz Tattoo Berlin Address: Kreuzbergstrasse 9, 10965 Berlin

“Dots to Lines” tattoo studio 

Dots to Lines Tattoo Studios Berline best tattoo artist in the world

Since 2013, when the tattoo artist Chaim Machlev won the TM-Nachwuchcontent with his work, his tattoos have enjoyed great popularity all over the world. “Dots to Lines” specializes in excellent geometric designs and exclusively on blackwork tattoos and is without a doubt one of the most famous Berlin tattoo studios. The complicated tattoos are specially tailored to the customers’ bodies and that makes them truly unique. In order to get an appointment with Chaim Machlev, however, you have to wait almost 2 years. Since “Dot to Lines” is his private tattoo studio, you will only get the exact address after the appointment has been made.

Nevada Johnny Tattoo Berlin

best tattoo artist Berlin Peter Aurist tattoo artist

In a small, secret studio outside of Berlin, the world-famous tattoo artist Peter Aurisch and his colleague Jessica March create some of the most original and beautiful tattoos in Germany. He has such a defined and specific style that any real tattoo fan would immediately recognize his work. He tends to work directly without sketches or any pictures and is inspired by the stories and wishes of his customers. Aurisch’s masterpieces are mainly influenced by the artists Egon Schiele, Gustav Klimt and Picasso and look like real paintings. So that he can concentrate fully on the design, Peter Aurisch only gives one appointment per day. “Nevada Johnny” Berlin has hosted many famous tattoo artists such as Luca Front, David Hale and Ondrash. To get the exact address of the studio, you first have to contact the tattoo artist via his website.

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