Tattoo ideas

Tattoo pictures and ideas – have self-drawn motifs and templates tattooed

tattoo pictures and ideas ship watercolor look shinbone

It is already certain – they will get a tattoo! And regardless of whether this is the first tattoo in your life or you are already working hard on a full sleeve – the search for the right motif is super exciting. Of course you can look at a catalog in the tattoo studio, but the end result is not really unique and particularly original. Experienced tattooists, on the other hand, will offer you to draw a tattoo just for you. And it’s definitely worth it – as the talented Dener Silva proves. We’ll show you 45 Tattoo pictures and ideas for unique motifs and templates.

Tattoo pictures and ideas – from the template to the finished tattoo

tattoo pictures and ideas compass sketch colored watercolor design

Are you looking for interesting motifs for a cool new tattoo? Then you can either draw a template yourself or find a template on the net. Regardless, we strongly advise discussing the motif with the tattoo artist. He knows his way around and how the template will look on his own body. All the more so, he can draw a motif himself according to your ideas.

Tattoo pictures and ideas – Select the motif size according to the body part

tattoo pictures and ideas reindeer deer picture blue pink watercolor koeperkunst

How big should the tattoo actually get – that depends on whether you want a subtle small tattoo or prefer a striking tattoo design. Basically, the smaller the tattoo, the more limited the level of detail.

Penguin tattoo

tattoo pictures and ideas penguin pencil sketch hip motif

Tattoo idea for musicians

tattoo pictures and ideas music theme guitar neck back colorful

Tattoo sketch of the guitar

Tattoo pictures ideas guitar template design

Tattoo pictures ideas wolf template design

Tattoo-pictures-ideas-upper arm-men-designs-wolf

Tattoo pictures and ideas – which motifs are trendy?


Tattoo-pictures-ideas-lower leg-tree-colorful

There are also trends when it comes to tattoos! Gone are the days when all hieroglyphics could be engraved. Nowadays, animal and nature motifs are totally in. Of course, these are being reinterpreted. How you can recognize the high quality and creative template – the motif looks complete, but can be added later.

Tattoo ideas – choose a motif that has meaning

Tattoo-pictures-ideas-tribal-women-lower leg

Tattoo pictures ideas lower leg women motifs

So that you don’t regret your decision later, you can choose a small tattoo. Choose a motif with meaning – Gisele Bündchen wears a small asterisk on her wrist. The asterisk symbolizes the flight of the imagination.

What to bring with you to the appointment with the tattoo artist


Tattoo-pictures-ideas-template-owl-lower leg-back

You have already selected the motif, but the appointment with the tattoo artist is imminent. Don’t forget to discuss the appointment in detail – what to bring, how to prepare for the appointment. After the tattoo is already done, make a new appointment for a follow-up check – this is important because sometimes the color can still change in the first three to four months. That is more related to the skin type. If necessary, the tattoo artist can then re-pierce.

Tattoo ideas – when can you get a second tattoo?

Tattoo pictures ideas women lion template design

Tattoo-pictures-ideas-lion-shoulder blade-women-designs

You already have your first tattoo. And can hardly wait to get a second one! Better wait. The skin has to recover for the first time – and after two months you can visit the tattoo studio again.

Have a butterfly tattooed on your foot



Everyone can also draw their own tattoo



Tattoo template – animal motifs and tribal tattoos served as inspiration for this design



Tattoo templates and motifs – feathers and dream catchers have become very trendy in recent years

Tattoo pictures ideas upper arm women shoulder motif

Tattoo-pictures-ideas-women-upper arm-compass

Ideas for tattoos for men


Tattoo-pictures-ideas-upper arm-ideas-men-designs

The more complicated the subject, the bigger the tattoo

Tattoo-pictures-ideas-templates-animals-big-lower legs


Tattoo template for skull



Tattoos with animals – scary motifs

Tattoo-pictures-ideas-templates-fox-lower leg-back

Tattoo pictures ideas fox lower leg motifs

 Each artwork by the talented artist Dener Silva is unique

Tattoo pictures ideas template woman face examples

Tattoo-pictures-ideas-upper arm-men-designs

Tattoo pictures ideas skull templates motifs

Tattoo-pictures-ideas-black-skull-lower legs



Tattoo-pictures-ideas-upper arm-motif-hourglass


Tattoo pictures ideas shoulder blade balloons


Tattoo pictures ideas templates motif cameraAll tattoos shown are from Dener Silva