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Sole of the foot tattoo: the bizarre tattoo trend of the year that everyone is crazy about!

From small tattoos with meaning to beautiful diamond tattoos to eye-catching yakuza tattoos – nothing is more diverse than tattoos. The tattoo trends change from year to year and the selection of motifs and styles seems to be endless. All tattoo fans know it – the cold autumn and winter days are the perfect time to adorn our body with a new tattoo. Are you looking for ideas for a new tattoo that is not only beautiful and extraordinary, but can also be easily hidden if necessary? How about a tattoo on the soles of your feet, for example? Yes you’ve read correctly! Tattoos under the feet are currently everywhere on social networks and are causing a stir! But how bad is the sole tattoo pain and what can you get stung there at all? We’ll tell you all of this and the coolest ideas in our article!

Yoga tattoo ideas small tattoos for women tattoo sole of foot

Do you remember how the old Barbie dolls from the 80s and 90s had the word “Japan” engraved on the bottom of the foot to indicate the country of manufacture? Well, this has become a very big trend right now and more and more tattoo fans are opting for a tattoo on the soles of the feet in real life. In fact, it was stars Miley Syrus and model Cara Delevingne who created all the hype with their tattoos. While the designs are incredibly versatile and pretty much anything can be tattooed, we have to warn you: sole tattoos are not for the faint of heart! Our feet are an extremely sensitive area and the soles of the feet are one of the most painful places to get a tattoo. But if you’re still ready to take the plunge, then be inspired by our great picture gallery!

Tattoo sole of the foot is surely the most bizarre tattoo trend for 2020

Tattoo design Made in Italy tattoo sole of the foot

Probably the biggest advantage of having a tattoo on the soles of your feet is that no one ever has to know about it! Outside we always wear shoes anyway and when we lie on the beach in summer and the tattoo comes out, it is not immediately noticeable. Because let’s be honest – how often have you looked at someone else’s feet? And if it is noticed, it is sure to cause a stir! If you want to get a small, discreet, yet cool tattoo, this might be the perfect solution for you!

Tattoo sole rose tattoo design small tattoos for women

Surprisingly, this body part has proven to be a great canvas for a wide variety of styles and designs. Whether small tattoos, smiley hearts and emojis, playful mandalas or even rose tattoos – there are no limits to your imagination!

Miley Cyrus’ sole tattoo started the hype

Miley Cyrus tattoo sole of foot small tattoos for women

To celebrate her first cover for “Rolling Stone” magazine, pop princess Miley Cyrus opted for a cool sole tattoo. There are now the words “Rolling” and “$ tone”. The Cara Delevingne model also bears the slogan “Made in England” on one underside of the foot, while the word “Bacon” is on the other.

Tattoo Sole Pain Foot Tattoos Ideas For Women

Some of the most popular ideas for a tattoo on the soles of your feet on social media include the phrase “Made in (the relevant country)” and geographic coordinates. Many Disney fans, however, have “Andy” tattooed. If you’ve ever watched the animated film Toy Story, you know why. And if not – all the toys there had “Andy” engraved on the soles of their feet.

Coronavirus tattoo pain tattoo sole of the foot

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, 2020 has been a pretty difficult time for all of us. And having fun in these desperate times wouldn’t hurt us, would it? Funny and with a touch of black humor – the corona tattoo is another new tattoo trend that is becoming increasingly popular.

Pain tattoo sole of the foot: how bad is it actually and is it worth it?

Butterfly tattoo design small tattoo sole of the foot

There is no doubt that a tattoo of the sole of your foot is cool and extraordinary. As for the pain, we have bad news for you! The skin below the feet is very thin and sensitive, which is why a tattoo on the soles of the feet is much more painful than, for example, a foot tattoo on the calf. In addition, the sole of the foot plays a very important role in our movements and posture in everyday life and is pervaded by nerves – so be prepared for your foot to twitch properly during the session.

How long does a tattoo last on the sole of the foot?

Pain tattoo sole of the foot funny tattoo sayings for women

Besides the hellish pain, there is one more point that you should definitely consider. Unfortunately, a tattoo on the sole of the foot does not last very long and has to be re-engraved more often than other parts of the body. And who, please, would do something like this to themselves every 2-3 months? Our feet are exposed to constant abrasion and perspiration when walking and running. This and the callus formation there cause the tattoos to fade quickly. It is therefore advisable to contact a professional artist who can advise you on the choice of motif and the possible re-engraving sessions.

Sole of the foot tattoo pain small tattoos for women

According to scientific studies, every area of ​​the sole of the foot is connected to an organ in the human body, and the colored ink can clog pores and blood vessels. So it would be difficult, if not impossible, to leave immediately after getting a tattoo.

small tattoo designs for women tattoo on sole of foot

In conclusion, we have to admit that having a tattoo on the sole of the foot is really attractive and interesting, but it brings with it many health risks that should by no means be neglected.

Tattoo sole of the foot: Cool ideas and designs as inspiration for your next tattoo

Foot tattoos small for women tattoo sole of the foot

A tattoo on the sole of the foot is the optimal solution for everyone who wants a modern and inconspicuous design

Year of birth tattoo design ideas tattoo on sole of foot

Of course, if you are not that sensitive to pain, you can also dare to get bigger tattoos

small tattoo designs for women tattoo on sole of foot

The barbie doll-inspired sole of the foot tattoos are becoming increasingly popular

small tattoos for women funny tattoo designs tattoo sole of foot pain

The minimalist tattoo designs look particularly beautiful and discreet

small tattoos for women tattoo trends 2020 tattoo sole of the foot

The sole of the foot also offers more than enough space for detailed mandalas

Mandala tattoo design small pain tattoo sole of the foot

A little smiley emoji looks fun and trendy

funny tattoo designs smiley tattoo sole of the foot

Many people opt for funny tattoos and have their address and contact details tattooed, for example

funny tattoo designs for women tattoo on the sole of the foot

Of course, if minimalist tattoos are not your thing, you can fully immerse yourself in the trend and get a tattoo of both the soles of your feet

Tattoo sole of foot foot tattoo pain mandala tattoo design

Do you and your girls like to drink wine? A glass tattoo would be ideal to immortalize your friendship on your skin forever

Friendship tattoo ideas for women tattoo sole of the foot