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Small and nifty foot tattoos for women- 25+ photos and tips!

Foot tattoo ideas for women

Big, small, black and white or with colors – tattoos are considered art. More and more people are using their skin as a canvas to express something. Foot tattoos are a trend that has gradually grown over the past few years, and of course for good reason – they are very feminine, sophisticated, and look really exciting! These type of tattoos are pretty handy too – you could accentuate them with a nice sandal in the summer or hide them completely under your socks depending on the situation and mood. Do you feel like getting a foot tattoo and have you ever thought about it? Here we have put together the most important information and lots of great inspiration for you.

Foot tattoo for women – ideas

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The foot is only a very small part of our body and yet the possibilities of placing a tattoo there are endless. Most of the time, foot tattoos are done around the ankle. If you have already decided on a foot tattoo, you will quickly find that there are thousands of ideas and designs to choose from – from flowers, feathers, hearts to lettering – you can let your imagination run wild. But you mustn’t forget that tattoos stay on your skin forever and that’s why you should perhaps choose something that also has a personal meaning for you.

Foot tattoo heart lettering tattoo ideas woman

The most popular designs for foot tattoos include anchors, flowers and feathers. Hearts and the mandala foot tattoos are also in great demand. It is clear that they all look beautiful and feminine, but each of the symbols also has a meaning and we will briefly explain them to you.

Anchor Foot Tattoo – the anchor comes from seafaring and symbolizes home, security, stability and loyalty. This symbol shows that a person is in tune with himself and holds on to his own values.

Heart Foot Tattoo – the heart usually stands for love in a very classic way, of course. But it could also symbolize courage, compassion, or sadness. In relation to religion, a heart represents love for Jesus.

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Feather Foot Tattoo – a feather flies through life with ease and is meant to say exactly that. The wearers of feather tattoos want to express their desire for freedom.

Mandala foot tattoo – the word mandala comes from Sanskrit, means circle and stands for eternity, balance and perfection.

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Tattoo under the foot is the latest trend in foot tattoos. It’s like bringing a secret with you, a hidden symbol that you only show when you want to. Unfortunately it is almost impossible to get a good tattoo there, which is why most tattoo studios avoid it completely. The skin under the foot is very wrinkled, which makes it almost impossible for the tattoo artist to get a perfect tattoo. Another disadvantage is that the tattoo won’t look beautiful for very long. This is due on the one hand to the cornea and on the other hand to the sweat glands. Your cute little tattoo under the foot will surely fade over time and look like a tiny speck. It cannot be ruled out that it will even disappear completely.

Henna foot tattoo as a temporary ornament for your legs

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Henna tattoos are made with a dye obtained from the henna plant. They originate from the Orient and have been used in some cultures for centuries to color skin, nails and hair. To create a henna tattoo, it is best to use a ready-made henna paste or powder that is mixed with a little water. The longer the paste stays on the skin, the more intense your henna foot tattoo will be. After the exposure time is over, you have to dab the tattoo very carefully with a cloth and some oil to remove the remains of the henna. If you are considering getting a tattoo, you could use the henna as a test tool to experiment a little with size and design first.

Foot tattoo – it hurts?

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Yes, foot tattoos hurt – but so do all other tattoos. However, the foot tattoos are described as more painful than the others. When the skin is very thin, and especially when it is on a bone, the pain caused by the tattoo needle is quite uncomfortable. Unfortunately, our feet are generally bony and full of nerve endings all over the place. The pain is of course very different from person to person. Nothing terrible and unbearable, but if you’re the kind of person who has a low pain threshold, you could either schedule frequent breaks with your tattoo artist or choose a completely different location for your tattoo.

Relieve pain – helpful tips

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Choose a gentle artist – It doesn’t really matter which artist you choose – you will feel pain anyway, but some tattoo artists are more attentive and gentle than others. However, once you have decided on a foot tattoo, choose an artist who is not too rough and clumsy.

Use a tattoo spray or cream – Although the effectiveness of most anesthetic products varies greatly for everyone, many are very satisfied with the level and average duration of around 2 hours of anesthesia.

Choose a small / simple design – the smaller the tattoo, the less time you will feel pain. Many foot tattoos are small but still look amazingly good.

Proper care for your foot tattoo!

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As a rule of thumb, the bandage should be left on for at least 2-3 hours, especially if you have to spend the day out and about. It is forbidden to wear shoes in the first few days, or if that is not possible, the shoes should be as loose as possible so that they do not rub against your new foot tattoo. There are two reasons why shoes are bad for a healing tattoo: one, the shoe creates friction on the surface of the foot that can cause irritation or even remove some of the ink and leave a faded tattoo. The other big problem is that it suffocates the tattoo, creates sweat and prevents breathing. And as you know, the combination of sweat, irritation and lack of air is the perfect environment for bacteria and infection.

Hydration is also very important to the healing process of your foot tattoo. To avoid swelling, you should drink as much water as possible before and after the session.

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