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Kissing mouth tattoo – meaning and motif ideas in red and black

For everyone who is looking for a small tattoo motif, the kissing mouth tattoo is the perfect choice. Discreet yet attractive, it attracts everyone’s attention and exudes a certain passion and love. Whether you prefer to have the motif engraved in classic black or in the more realistic red does not matter here. Because it is wonderfully expressed either way. In this article we would like to introduce you to the meaning of the kissing mouth, which parts of the body are best suited and some variants and ideas for the kissing mouth tattoo.

kiss mouth tattoo thigh-black-ladies-subtle-aleksandra-blanca

The kissing mouth is basically the imprint of lipstick, which, as already mentioned, can be displayed in any color. Finally, there is also lipstick in a wide variety of colors. The kissing mouth tattoo in black and white is a bit more mystical. The simple lip tattoo is often combined with an integrated skull and bones in a cross shape. The skull symbol is familiar to everyone from toxic chemicals. This kissing mouth skull tattoo can have different meanings as well, such as that the kiss is poisonous.

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Kissing mouth tattoo meaning

kiss mouth tattoo template-heart-red-color-lips

In principle there is no general meaning for this symbol. It’s more of a trend that is coming back. Nevertheless, the tattoo can be given an individual and personal meaning. Many have the kissing lips tattooed by their children, their partner or even their best friend. That of course makes the respective motif unique and something very special. Usually, the person in question has to put lipstick on their lips and then kiss a piece of white paper, so to speak, so that the impression is transferred. An experienced tattoo artist can then transfer this to the skin.


Alternatively, a lettering with the name or any date can be added for an individual meaning. For example, if you want a kissing mouth tattoo from the child, the date of birth or the name can be selected. Of course, other motifs can also be combined with this symbol. Your tattoo artist is sure to be able to help you with some ideas and suggestions.

Which parts of the body are suitable?

kiss mouth tattoo black-lips-skull-bones-wrist

Here, too, you have a free choice. The wrist or collarbone is very popular with women, while men usually prefer the neck or arm. But that can of course vary according to taste. The part of the body is therefore not gender-dependent. The kissing mouth tattoo is often used for the buttocks or buttocks in general, as well as for the chest, shoulder or back. You can look at some examples below. Let yourself be inspired by the ideas and find the best variant for your own design.

Stylized kissable mouth

kiss mouth tattoo black-smooch-mouth-collarbone-feminine

Smoochy mouth tattoo on the collarbone

kiss mouth tattoo collarbone-dark red-realistic-motif-ideas



Kiss mouth tattoo on the neck or on the hand better?

kiss mouth tattoo hand-neck-ladies-kiss-me-partner

Hickey tattoo on the neck


Tattoo kissing mouth with saying


red lips tattoo


Kissable mouth for man




red tattoos look very spectacular

kissing mouth tattoo mini foot wrist hip pelvic bone inspiration


Kissing mouth black and white


kissing mouth tattoo skull bones wrist forearm body art

kissing mouth tattoo arm lettering lipstick leopard spots

kissing mouth tattoo breast name lipstick motif idea