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Hope tattoo: the most beautiful motifs and designs for your next tattoo!

When it comes to tattoo motifs, there are always new trends that just come and go. However, some tattoos with meaning have proven to be real classics and will never go out of style. Whether as an inspirational saying, a simple word or an anchor – the hope symbol tattoo is timeless and is often used as a symbol of inspiration. You don’t want to get involved in any tattoo trends and you are of the opinion that a tattoo should not only be beautiful but also meaningful? In this article we tell you a lot about the meaning of the hope tattoo and have put together the most beautiful designs and tattoo motifs hope for you. Ultimately, we hope that with us you will find something suitable that matches your personality for your next tattoo.

Tattoo hope and strength tattoo sayings woman ideas

What does “hope” mean to you? Everyone has their own interpretation of the word, but we all agree on one thing – it is always associated with something beautiful and positive. But, by definition, hope is a feeling of expectation and a desire that something in particular will come true. This can apply to many things or circumstances in your life. In addition, hope is very closely related to trust, love, constancy, and security. As a motif, the tattoos for strength and hope are very popular with both women and men.

The Hope Tattoo – What does it actually stand for?

Tattoo symbol hope small tattoos for women on the wrist

Even if most designs contain the word itself, many other meaningful symbols can be wonderfully added. In this way you have the opportunity to create your own personal and unique tattoo design. In the following we have most of the meanings for you, which are associated with a tattoo symbol hope.

  • Logically come first hope and faith – For many people, the motif is a reminder that one should always believe in the good and positive in life.
  • As a symbol for strength – Have you gone through tough times or successfully battled a serious illness? The word also symbolizes power and a strong will and is therefore ideal for you.
  • Many people who have ever had cancer or are still receiving treatment choose the hope tattoo to immortalize the fight, the pain and of course the victory on their skin forever. 

Which are the most popular tattoo designs?

small tattoos with meaning women wrist tattoo ideas

Many think that the designs for a hope symbol tattoo are all the same. But that’s far from the truth – there are countless ways to personalize the tattoo. And here are some very creative ideas to turn this word into a beautiful and eye-catching tattoo:

  • For example, you could get a Chinese symbol hope tattoo.
  • A hope in Arabic tattoo would be another cool option.
  • Unleash your creativity and play with colors and shades to highlight the tattoo motif in a unique way.

Hope tattoo sayings for women tattoo wrist small

  • Combine the word with other meaningful motifs. Hearts, stars, anchors or a rose tattoo are perfect for this.
  • Inspirational tattoo sayings look fine and elegant and are the best choice for all women who want to get a small hope tattoo.

The anchor – a timeless tattoo symbol of hope

Tattoos hope and strength tattoo sayings ideas small

The anchor has been a very popular symbol for centuries and is undoubtedly one of the endless classics in the tattoo world. As a motif, it stands above all for hope, optimism, stability and support.

The Hope Tattoo: More wonderful ideas and inspirations

Sign of hope tattoo tattoos forearm woman

Inspirational tattoo sayings remind the wearer every day not to lose hope.

Tattoo hope sayings tattoomotive leg women tattoo ideas

The forearm is one of the most popular parts of the body for a small tattoo for women.

Tattoo hope sayings small tattoos for women forearm

Beautiful, blooming roses make your tattoo a real eye-catcher.

Sign for hope tattoo anchor tattoo design small

An infinity symbol tattoo on the collarbone looks incredibly feminine and delicate.

Tattoo on collarbone symbol of hope tattoo design

In combination with wings, the motif serves as a souvenir of a deceased friend or family member.

Tattoo on back woman wing tattoo design ideas

Fine and filigree lines are a new trend among tattoos and look incredibly beautiful and elegant.

Symbol tattoo hope forearm tattoo ideas woman small

The tattoo symbol with a minimalist design – so small and yet so meaningful.

Rose Hope Tattoos With Meaning Forearm Tattoo Women Small

The anchor is probably the most famous tattoo symbol that stands for hope.

Small Tattoos On Wrist Women Tattoomotive Meaning

The Faith Love Hope tattoo is another timeless classic that will never go out of style.

Wrist tattoo design women tattoo hope small

 An anchor flower tattoo also stands for faith, love and security. And after all, we all want that or we don’t?

Anchor tattoo motif meaning sign for tattoo hope

The tattoo sign for hope as a symbol that you can achieve anything in life.

Anchor tattoo motif template small tattoos with meaning