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Heartbeat tattoo – meaning and 30 great ideas for the popular motif

Tattoo heartbeat shoulder blade woman ecg line heart

Tattoos with a specific meaning are popular because they can tell the individual story of the wearer or have a special meaning for him. With a Heartbeat Tattoo you can depict an important point in your life, such as the birth of a child, or you can remember the preciousness of life every day. More about the different meanings of the heartbeat tattoo, as well as many beautiful designs and ideas for combination with other motifs can be found in the article.

The importance of the subject

Tattoo heartbeat wrist ecg line letter initial

The heartbeat tattoo is specific tattoo design that has a special meaning. It is shown with an EKG line, i.e. the heart rate display, which measures the number of heartbeats per minute. Hence, the motive is related to life as a whole, because you live as long as your heart is beating. Heartbeat tattoos remind the wearer that they are still alive. Some get this symbol tattooed to remember someone or to celebrate a new life. The heartbeat motif still describes the joy of life and what makes you happy in life.

Combine EKG tattoo with other symbols

Tattoo heartbeat minimalist-ekg-line-heart-red

If the heartbeat tattoo is combined with other symbols, then it gets a deeper meaning that could be very individual for each person. In doing so, you should continue to educate yourself about the meaning of the symbol chosen so that the tattoo suits you well.

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Heart line tattoo on wrist

Tattoo heartbeat heart-minimalist-wrist-side

The wrist is one of the most popular parts of the body for a heartbeat tattoo. At this point the tattoo is visible at all times and you can only feel your own heartbeat at a glance. An EKG tattoo together with a small heart symbolizes the importance of love in one’s own life. Opting for a heartbeat tattoo with a heart means that love gives meaning to your life.

Heart line tattoo as a symbol of love

Tattoo heartbeat couple-tattoos-friendship-ecg-lines-wrist

The heartbeat itself can also symbolize love if it is used as a motif for a couple tattoo. With such a design, the EKG line is pricked on the wrists of both partners so that both hands next to each other complete the line. In this sense, the couple is united in the heart and the tattoo symbolizes the “common” heartbeat.

EKG tattoo for music enthusiasts

tattoo heartbeat clef musician tattoos ideas

With a heartbeat tattoo you can not only represent your love for another person, but also for a hobby. Musicians and music enthusiasts can get a heartbeat stabbed with notes and clefs, which symbolize their love for music.

Forearm Tattoo Design Ideas with Clef

tattoo heartbeat forearm clef music motif

If you want a bigger heartbeat tattoo, then you can get a tattoo on your forearm. In this part of the body the tattoo is completely visible, especially in the warmer months. The larger EKG tattoo can be perfectly combined with a lettering or other motif.

Get an EKG tattoo

tattoo heartbeat forearm ecg tattoo lettering

If you have already had an EKG done by the doctor, you can make the heartbeat tattoo even more personal by having your own heart rate pricked. The tattoo artist can then incorporate lettering into the EKG and create a unique tattoo design. Lettering that looks like the heart rate or at least part of it is particularly beautiful.

Heart line tattoo with kids names

tattoo-heartbeat-name-child-heart-tattoos-child names

A very popular idea for the EKG tattoo is the combination with the name of the child. Such a design is not only soulful, but also very personal. The relationship between parents and children lasts forever and you certainly will not regret this tattoo in the future as it often happens with tattoos.

Baby heartbeat tattoo


Young mothers can have their baby’s heartbeat tattooed and add their name and date of birth to the tattoo. The baby’s heartbeat can be taken from the birth CTG, so you can use the exact EKG line for the design. You choose the design of the font and the numbers yourself.

Child name tattoo with heartbeat

tattoo-heartbeat-name-child-date of birth-parents

The EKG tattoo with children’s names and heart sounds of the child is not only suitable for the mother, but also as a couple tattoo for both parents. You can also have the tattoos done on different parts of the body. For men, a heartbeat tattoo on the chest is well suited, whereas women can have their wrist or forearm tattooed.

White EKG tattoo


If you are not a fan of elaborate tattoos that stand out immediately, then you can get tattooed with white ink. White tattoos look particularly beautiful and are not as intrusive as the black ones. The white heartbeat tattoo is subtle and is perfect for any part of the body.

Tattoo heartbeat for couples


The heartbeat tattoo is a great idea for the couple tattoos, because it symbolizes the life together and the love between the partners. Couple tattoos with a heartbeat are usually done on the wrists or forearms. Appropriate symbols for these couple tattoos are especially hearts or the names of the partners.

Couple tattoos with meaning


Heartbeat tattoos for couples can also have a very personal and individual meaning. Combined with a semicolon, the tattoo means that the story of the two is not over yet and they have decided to move on together.

Tattoo idea for sisters


Siblings have a very special relationship. The sister is often the first friend and the love between siblings is great. If you would like to get matching sibling tattoos with your sister, then the heartbeat tattoo is perfect for this. Together with a heart and matching lettering, this tattoo is like a declaration of love on the skin.

Heartbeat tattoo with mountains


Adventurers who love to travel and want to discover the world can get a heartbeat tattoo with mountains or waves symbolizing land and water. The EKG line can merge into the selected symbol and thus a creative tattoo design is created.

Heart tattoo with hearts and names


Names and other lettering can just as creatively be woven into the design and merged into the EKG line. You can have the names of your children, parents, loved ones or best friends engraved.

Beautiful small tattoos for women


For women, subtle tattoos on the forearm or wrist are best. The EKG line as a tattoo can also look minimalist and is a good option for small, pretty tattoos for women.

Heart rate tattoo with animal motif


If you are a real animal lover and want to show your love for animals then a tattoo is perfect for that. You can combine the tattoo with a small dog, a cat or just a few paws. This cute tattoo idea is perfect for women and would look lovely on the forearm or shoulder blade.

Minimalistic EKG tattoo for men

tattoo-heartbeat-man-upper arm-idea-ecg-line-minimalistic

Men can also opt for a minimalist heartbeat tattoo that symbolizes a special moment in their life. The upper arm is a popular part of the body for smaller men’s tattoos. You can have the tattoo done both horizontally and vertically.

Tattoo EKG on the neck


If you don’t want to have the tattoo in front of your eyes every day, then you can have your neck tattooed. So you always wear the desired motif on your skin, although you cannot see it at all times. A tattoo heartbeat for the neck is minimalist and only visible with short haircuts or updos.

Heart rate tattoo on back


If you want a bigger heartbeat tattoo, then back tattoos are best for you. Women can have their spine tattooed with a longer EKG line and lettering, for example. For men, on the other hand, the whole back is a suitable idea for a tattoo.

Heart rate tattoo on the collarbone


The heartbeat tattoo is a great way to show love for your partner. With a heart symbol as a declaration of love, the tattoo becomes something very special. Tattoos on the collarbone look elegant and are especially noticeable.

Minimalist tattoo with lettering


For a tattoo on the collarbone, motifs and lettering that symbolize strength are also suitable. So you can show that no matter what, you will never give up. This heartbeat tattoo still shows self-confidence and inner strength.

Rib tattoo 

tattoo heartbeat woman rib heart lettering

Another part of the body that is suitable for a beautiful heartbeat tattoo for women is the ribs. Such tattoos are particularly feminine and make a nice accessory for days on the beach.

Love faith hope on the shoulder blade

tattoo heartbeat cross heart meaning lettering motifs

You can combine the tattoo with other motifs that give life a meaning. Above all, these are love, faith and hope. Here you can see a suitable idea, where love is represented by a heart, faith by a cross, and hope by a heartbeat.

Tattoo on the shoulder blade

tattoo heartbeat heart lettering family motif

Using the heartbeat as a motif for a tattoo is a good idea to show love for family. This tattoo on the shoulder blade would look really nice. If you like colored tattoos, then you can have the whole design or parts of it stabbed with color.

Lifeline tattoo behind the ear


If you like small tattoos that are easy to hide, then a heartbeat tattoo behind the ear is perfect for you. Depending on the positioning, such tattoos can be hidden behind the hair if desired and shown again when the hair is pinned up.

Finger tattoo idea 


You can also get a heartbeat tattoo as a finger tattoo. You decide for yourself whether along a finger or like a ring. For example, couples can have heartbeats tattooed on their ring fingers instead of wedding rings.

Foot tattoo with EKG line and lettering


The foot is another part of the body for the heartbeat tattoo that is not visible all year round. Since this tattoo is considered genuinely personal, hidden parts of the body are perfect for it.