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Half moon tattoo: What is the meaning behind it and a lot of wonderful inspirations!

Just like the sun, the moon is one of the most fascinating celestial bodies and has had an exciting and deep spiritual meaning in astrology and in various cultures for many decades. Small, mystical and very meaningful – it’s no wonder that more and more people are choosing a crescent moon tattoo. The motif can be pricked in an incredible number of variations and adapted to absolutely every part of the body. A crescent moon tattoo is perfect for anyone interested in astrology, believing in higher powers, or just wanting a nice little tattoo. Are you looking for the right motif for your next tattoo? Then you have come to the right place – in this article we reveal the meaning of the half moon tattoo and have put together many great ideas and inspirations for you.

Crescent Moon Tattoo Meaning Forearm Tattoo Design Small

Even in ancient times, many cultures associated different goddesses with the moon and worshiped it. Hence, the moon embodies wisdom, energy and the feminine power and makes the perfect tattoo for all confident women. Since the crescent moon is quite small, it is suitable for many parts of the body such as the neck, wrist, fingers or even the foot. By adding more elements, you get a unique and very personal design.

Crescent moon tattoo meaning

Forearm tattoos for women small rose tattoo meaning

In every culture, the meaning of the half moon tattoo is different and mostly depends on the belief of the wearer. In western culture, the moon is associated with the inner child and in oriental culture it is a symbol of female power, energy and home. The crescent moon is the perfect natural element to represent the yin and yang in the world or in your life – at this moment it is in the perfect balance between weight gain and weight loss. But no matter which shape you choose – the tattoo is a reminder that all things in life have a natural cycle. Whether you want to get a waxing or waning moon, the meaning of the crescent moon tattoo changes too.

  • A waxing moon stands for change, healing, creativity, planning or for dealing with conflicts.
  • The waning moon is a symbol of farewell, separation, grief, transience or letting go of the negativity in your life – this could be a bad environment or a job.

Moon mandala tattoo upper arm woman small tattoo motive ideas

There are many different meanings behind a crescent moon tattoo and which of them best suit you and your personality, you decide for yourself. For example, it could stand for the following:

  • Feminine power
  • energy
  • The cycle of life
  • Creativity and growth
  • In memory of someone who has died
  • Pursuing and fulfilling one’s own goals
  • The power of astrology and nature

Ideas for a crescent moon tattoo

Watercolor tattoo design forearm tattoos for women small

Whether in the trendy watercolors tattoo trend, in black and white, in the realistic style or in the delicate dotwork style – you are literally spoiled for choice when it comes to the variants for your half moon tattoo. Other symbols such as flowers, butterflies or even cats can be perfectly integrated into the design and also change the meaning of the tattoo.

Crescent sun tattoo

Crescent sun tattoo mandala tattoo motif meaning

A half moon sun tattoo is a cool and interesting take on the Yin Yang symbol. While the moon symbolizes female power, motherhood and the woman herself, the sun is a symbol for light, leadership, balance and man. For a harmonious life, all these symbols and forces must be in balance with one another. So if you are happy with yourself and your life, a crescent moon sun tattoo would be for you.

Crescent sun tattoo for partner ideas

Do you and your partner want to immortalize your love on your skin? How about a delicate crescent moon tattoo wrist and a sun tattoo?

Dream catcher crescent moon tattoo

Dream catcher tattoo meaning shoulder tattoo for women

The moon has a strong influence on our mood and of course on our dreams. A crescent moon in combination with a dream catcher tattoo looks incredibly beautiful and will protect the wearer from nightmares and bad thoughts forever – and not just at night.

More ideas and inspiration for a crescent moon tattoo

Cat tattoo motif forearm tattoo for women ideas

The cat is associated with witchcraft or various goddesses in many cultures. There is something very mystical and unique about a crescent moon tattoo of a black cat.

A yellow moon comes into its own with a black and white tattoo.

Leg tattoo women small tattoo motif moon meaning

For a feminine and particularly delicate motif, add a few flowers to the tattoo design.

Flower tattoo meaning small tattoos for women upper arm

Crescent Moon Tattoo Wrist and Small Flowers – A timeless classic.

Flower tattoo meaning tattoo wrist small

Or how about a tattoo on your back?

Flower tattoo moon tattoo on the neck small

Half moon sun tattoo – The perfect motif for a partner tattoo

Dotwork tattoo design tattoo trends forearm tattoos for women

The Yin Yang symbol with a difference

Crescent Sun Tattoo Meaning Upper Arm Tattoo Design Small

If you want a more delicate design, opt for a dotwork style ornament tattoo.

Crescent Moon Tattoo Meaning Rose Tattoo On Back Women

A small crescent moon tattoo finger looks just as beautiful!

Crescent moon tattoo finger small tattoos for women

A tattoo doesn’t have to be large and elaborate to look beautiful and this tattoo design is proof of that.

Half moon tattoo finger tattoo motif for women small

The addition of a cat gives the tattoo a much deeper and more mystical meaning.

Forearm tattoo motifs small tattoos for women ideas

 Express your inner strength.

Crescent moon tattoo wrist small tattoos for women

Particularly delicate and feminine – mandala tattoos will never go out of style.

Tattoo trends 2020 mandala tattoo motif for women

A crescent moon star tattoo for everyone who believes in a higher power.

Small tattoos for women ideas watercolor tattoo design

The meaning of the tattoo changes with the addition of more elements.

Candle Tattoo Meaning Upper Arm Tattoo Motive For Women Small

A collarbone tattoo is always noticeable.

Clavicle tattoo small rose tattoo meaning

Would you like to be able to hide your tattoo every now and then? Then maybe this tattoo on the neck would be worth considering.

Back tattoo for women crescent moon tattoo on neck

Clouds, mountains and crescent moons combined in one design – a real work of art full of meanings.

Forearm tattoo motif for women moon tattoo meaning