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Forearm Tattoo Ideas – 40 Motifs for Women and Men


We’ll show you three of the world’s most famous tattoo designers. The tattoo studios Dotstolines, Roxx and Sasha are unisex because of their stylish design Tattoo ideas known. The human body becomes the canvas on which the designers present their creations. And seriously – we are simply enthusiastic about this modern art!

Forearm tattoo ideas – monochrome art at DotstoLines

Forearm Tattoo Maori Women Ideas 3D

Precise and super creative – this is how the monochrome works of art from the DotstoLines tattoo studio can be described. The tattoos are perfect down to the smallest details, creating optical illusions and 3D effects. The geometric shapes are skillfully combined with natural motifs, so that in the end an exciting mix is ​​created.

Forearm tattoo ideas – tribal motifs by Roxx


At the Roxx Tattoo Studio you can get a tattoo with the trendy tribal motifs. But that’s not all – because the forearm tattoo ideas of the studio fascinate with an imaginative and at the same time simple look. The many details cannot let go of the eyes.

Forearm Tattoo Ideas – Animals and Colorful Tattoos at Sasha

Forearm tattoo women origami birds ideas

Animals and colorful tattoos can be found at Sasha Unisex. These fascinate with a seamless connection between art and geometry. Origami birds, wolves and owls decorate the forearms. Beautiful futuristic tattoos!

Forearm tattoo with Maori motifs – what meaning do they actually have?

Forearm tattoo ideas Maori tribal men designs

The so-called Maori or tribal tattoos come from Polynesia. The local population wore tattoos as symbols – for men it was the signs of war that should scare the enemy, for women it was a sign of freedom. In addition, the tribes demonstrated their wealth with tattoos.

Tattoo on the forearm and upper arm – elaborate and detailed work

Forearm Tattoo Ideas Maori Tribal Designs Women

Nowadays the so-called tribal tattoos are being redesigned by the talented tattoo studios. Often the connection between tradition and modernity is so seamless that the Maori elements cannot be recognized at all. Even more so – everyone can draw a template for themselves.

Stylized tattoo motifs – owl


Animals and plants are not only popular with the Maories. Nowadays, more and more people want to get a tattoo with nature motifs. Stylized versions are particularly popular, but they are only made by the real professionals.

Birds and geometric motifs – futuristic tattoos for women and men


If you want a complicated tattoo, you should trust the professionals. They know their way around and can give ideas and help with the selection.

Tattooing floral motifs on the forearm


Tattoo ideas – flowers with geometric patterns

Forearm Tattoo Ideas Black and White 3D Effect

Men love geometric motifs, even with


Have feather tattooed on hands

Forearm tattoo ideas feather ideas designs

Tattoo with Maori patterns for men and women

Forearm tattoo ideas women tribal maori designs

Tender and feminine – tattoo idea for the forearm for women


Geometric motifs decorate the forearm and the upper arm


Get geometric motifs tattooed on your hands

Forearm-tattoo-ideas-hand-motifs-tribal-third eye

Dragonfly and Geometric Shapes – 3D Tattoo


Maori tattoos with floral designs – red, black, and white make up a delightful color scheme


Forearm tattoos – get a sword tattoo

Forearm tattoo ideas men sword tribal designs

Earth and sky – imaginative tattoo designs for men and women


Tattoo motifs on the forearm – large armband


Tattoo Ideas – Stars are popular motifs

Forearm Tattoo Ideas Maori Tribal Women Designs

The designs below are from ROXX


 Forearm tribal tattoo ideas – with flowers


Tattoo pictures – men tattoo the two forearms


Full sleeve tattoo idea for men


Wrap tattoo with floral motifs and stars


Tattoos with meaning – tribal motifs


Three-dimensional tattoos for the forearm


Forearm tattoos – pictures and cool ideas for women

Forearm Tattoo Pictures Flowers Women Bracelet Ideas

Animals can also decorate the forearm


Angel wings – symmetrical tattoos on the two forearms

Forearm tattoo pictures feather birds women ideas

Men can also tattoo their forearms with feathers and birds


The Maorie tattoos can always be expanded


Tattoo Studio Roxx shows you how – cool forearm pictures


Tattoo motifs – crying woman on the forearm


Flower patterns and stars are particularly popular with women


Tattoo templates – Black tattoos on the forearm look classy


 Sasha’s creative tattoos – animals and geometric motifs



For more information visit Dotstolines, Roxx or Sasha