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Famous Tattoo Artists: These are 14 of the best tattoo artists in the world!

Tattoos and tattoo artists have come a long way in the last few decades. In the past, tattoos were considered a kind of rebellion and were mainly associated with criminals. But thanks to the many reality shows such as “Ink Master”, “LA Ink” or even “Tattoo Fixers”, the reputation of tattoo art has changed completely. Tattoo artists from all over the world adorn their clients’ bodies with real works of art and have become fashion influencers. However, finding the right tattoo artist can sometimes be a real challenge. We have done a little research for you and we show you some of the best tattoo artists in the world.

Marco Manzo tattoo artist Italy best tattoo artist Europe

Super small rooms with a wall full of drawings – this is what most tattoo studios looked like until a few years ago. Fortunately, things are very different nowadays and first class stores have to meet a number of criteria. They have to be clean, have a friendly atmosphere and of course – good tattoo artists and professional, high quality equipment and colors are also a must.

The best tattoo artists in the world – Alex de Pase, Italy

alex de pase tattoo artist the best tattoo artist europe

Alex de Pase is a tattoo artist from Grado, Italy who has been in the field for almost 20 years. He discovered his love for tattoos at the age of 14 when an ex-prisoner taught him the basics of tattooing with a bic pen and homemade needles. He can tattoo in almost any style, but his main focus is portraits and realistic style tattoos. The Italian tattoo artist has already received several awards for his works of art and in 2011 he was voted one of the 25 best tattoo artists in the world by the newspaper “Rebel Ink”. He himself takes part in the organization of the “World Wide Tattoo Conference” – one of the most important trade fairs in the tattoo world.

Marco Manzo tattoo artist, Italy

Back Tattoo for Women Marco Manzo Tattoo Artist

Marco Manzo is another Italian who is known worldwide for his tattoos. His work can be recognized by the very precise and exact execution of ornament tattoos. The lines are so clean and precise that the tattoo looks almost like the wearer is wearing a lace garment. Marco Manzo has already won more than 60 prizes for his works and even made it to museums like the “Gagosian Gallery” in New York. Last year the tattoo artist made his debut during the fashion week in the museum “MAXXI” in Rome with an exhibition called “Tattoo d’Haute Couture”.

Rich Pineda, Yucca Valley USA

Rich Pineda tattoo artist tattoo trends best tattoo studios

Rich Pineda is an American tattoo artist who has established himself as a real legend for realistic style tattoos. There is no doubt that art in all possible forms is in his blood. The tattoo artist also makes music, has experience with photography, likes to work with wood and metal and builds individual vehicles. Although he got his first tattoo at the age of 15, he only opened his tattoo studio in 2010 and since then he has expressed his passion through extremely detailed, dynamic and incredibly lively-looking tattoos. Rich Pineda definitely has a skilled eye and that is exactly what makes him one of the best tattoo artists in the world.

Famous Tattoo Artists – Regino Gonzales, New York

Regino Gonzales tattoo artist back tattoo for men

American tattoo artist Regino Gonzalez specializes in Japanese style tattoos. His full-body masterpieces speak for themselves. Some people would describe his work as typical and nothing special – snakes, dragons, skulls, etc. But they are so realistic and detailed that you just shudder when you look at them. Regino Gonzalez can offer a lot more – tattoos with Aztec or Buddha motifs or portraits that look almost alive are also among his main focuses.

Rob Kelly, Hong Kong

Rob Kelly tattoo artist back tattoo for men tattoo trends

Flying to Hong Kong just to get a tattoo? If the appointment is with Rob Kelly – then yes, it’s worth it! Many stars have already done this, including David Beckham. The tattoo artist is of the opinion that every tattoo should be a collaboration between artist and customer and creates an individual and unique design for each person. Obsessed with tattooing as an art since childhood, he usually spends his free time in his tattoo studio “Blackout”. Rob Kelly has specialized in many different styles, including American Traditional, Neo Traditional, Black-Gray, Japanese, Realistic Style, Tribal Tattoos and much more.

Matias Noble – Valencia, Spain

Matias Noble Tattooist Famous Tattoo Artist Realistic Style Tattoo Trends

The Spaniard Matias Noble is one of the best tattoo artists in the world when it comes to realistic black-gray style tattoos. His works are characterized by filigree precision and a composition of light and shadow. It is precisely his attention to detail that makes his drawings so unique and incredibly realistic. The tattoo artist not only works in his own tattoo parlor “Noble Art Gallery” in Valencia, but also travels actively to decorate the bodies of people from all over the world with his tattoos.

Lewisink – Paris, France

Lewisink tattoo artist France famous tattoo artist Europe

Although the French tattoo artist almost never takes part in tattoo fairs and only works in his tattoo studio in Paris, one cannot confuse his works. He studied graphic design for 7 years but never really wanted to be a graphic designer. However, his mathematical and graphic knowledge from his studies can be seen in each of his tattoos. Fine geometric shapes and patterns, incredible symmetry and illusion are often implemented in his designs. The tattoo artist only works in the well-known dotwork style. On the one hand, this is due to the fact that he believes that points age better than fine lines, for example, and on the other hand, that the tattoos last longer due to the strong contrast.

Rit Kit – Kiev, Ukraine

Rit Kit tattoo artist best tattoo artist worldwide

Rita, also known as Rit Kit, is a young tattoo artist from Kiev, Ukraine. Because of the unique and unusual tattoo technique, she has become incredibly famous in the past year. To create the stencil for your tattoos, the talented Rit Kit actually uses the leaves of real plants and flowers. By dipping the fine leaves in the ink and then pressing them directly onto the skin, she creates her beautiful designs without a single drawing. The process sounds pretty simple, but it is completely impossible to predict what the end result will be. In an industry where everyone works the same way, Rit Kit stands out. She has already tattooed almost everything – from irises to violets to roses. The result always looks incredibly realistic – as if you could peel the plant directly from the wearer’s skin.

Julien Siebert – Munich, Germany

Julian Siebert tattoo artist best tattoo studio in the world

Anyone who is reasonably interested in tattoos should know the name Julian Siebert. The German is undoubtedly one of the best and most famous tattoo artists in the world. From biomechanical to neo-traditional – he specializes in many styles and tattoos in both color and black and gray. The depth and attention to detail that the tattoo artist brings to all of his masterpieces is simply breathtaking. Two years ago, Julian Siebert worked with the “HR Giger Museum” in Switzerland to create an original “Baphomet” design in honor of the late Swiss painter.

Alex. D. Pancho – Katowice, Poland

Alex Pancho tattoo artist famous tattoo artist

Alex Pancho comes from Moldova, but has been working in his own tattoo studio “Rock’n Roll” in Katowice, Poland for many years. Although there are many tattoo artists out there who create amazing black-gray tattoos, fantastic Japanese tattoos or breathtaking works of art in the watercolors style, it is very difficult to find someone who is wonderful at all of these and more. His tattoos are real works of art, engraved with great attention to detail.

Kenji Alucky – Berlin, Germany

Kenji Alucky tattoo artist famous tattoo artist Dot tattoo trends

Kenji Alucky is one of the best tattoo artists in the world for tattoos using the dot stitch technique, also known as stippling. The Japanese only uses one color for his works – black. But that’s enough to create excellent and complex tattoos. His style was mainly influenced by the well-known “dot work”. The motifs consist of many small dots, which in the end become a real masterpiece. Kenjy Alucki became famous for his mandalas and geometric shapes and is often a guest tattoo artist in tattoo studios around the world.

Kat from D – Hollywood

Kat von D tattoo artist famous tattoo artist in the world

There is hardly anyone who has not heard of Kat von D before. At the age of 14, she dropped out of school to follow your dream of becoming a tattoo artist. She became so famous after working as a tattoo artist on the LA Ink reality show. Your customers also include many stars such as Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga. In 2008, she even set a new world record by getting 400 tattoos in 24 hours.

Jesper Jorgensen – Copenhagen, Denmark

Jesper Jorgensen tattoo artist famous tattoo artist Denmark

Jesper, still known as Copenhagen’s king of tattooing, is an absolute legend in the tattoo world. The famous tattoo artist specializes in tattoos in the old school or neotraditional style. Many, but by no means all, of his drawings consist of demons, skulls, bats, witches and more. But despite the darkness that prevails in his tattoos, the motifs look incredibly sophisticated and captivating.

Michael Taguet – Saint-Chamond, France

Michael Taguet tattoo artist the best tattoo studios in the world

When it comes to incredibly realistic and lively portraits and tattoos in Realistic Style, then the Frenchman Michael Taguet is undoubtedly one of the best tattoo artists in the world. Even though he has only been working in the tattoo industry for 8 years, he has already received several awards for his masterpieces.

Kevin Giangualano tattoo artist leg tattoo realistic style tattoo trends