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Faith Love Hope Tattoo – Meaning & Diverse Tattoo Designs for Men and Women

Anyone who has a certain motif engraved on their body not only sees it as trendy body jewelry, but also attaches great importance to its symbolism. One of the most popular designs for tattoos for men and women worldwide is the Faith Love Hope Tattoo. The three Christian virtues are undoubtedly much more than a piece of jewelry on the body for those who wear them. In today’s post we have put together beautiful ideas for a tattoo Faith Love Hope and explain the meaning behind them to you.

wrist small tattoo motifs cross anchor heart

Why faith, love and hope are the most emotional symbols not only for tattoos, but also play an essential role in everyone’s life, is largely explained by their symbolism in the Christian religion and culture. In the Old and New Testament there is talk of love, faith and hope in various places. “But now there are faith, hope, love, these three, but the greatest is love.” – This is how the three Christian virtues are described in a popular verse from the Bible.

woman design belief love hope tattoo wrist

These three components are inextricably linked and take a high place in human life, which is why men and women choose the tattoo love, faith, hope. These virtues relate to God who works miracles and gives people strength and courage not to give up even in the most difficult situations, to look ahead and keep going. As a tattoo, these are usually shown as anchors, hearts and wreaths.

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faith love hope tattoo behind the ear anchor heart cross

In all our projects, in various everyday situations, faith does not leave us without hope in any situation in life. To overcome various difficult living conditions it takes courage that gives us hope. And when the love for God and for fellow human beings is added, then these three words serve as motivation for a meaningful, happy and love-filled life both as an individual and in the community.

anchor heart cross foot filigree faith love hope tattoo

For the Faith Love Hope Tattoo, symbols are often used that are quite easy to decipher. The heart stands for love – for heavenly and for charity. The cross stands for faith in general. The cross is also the symbol of the unity of heaven and earth, space and time, man and God.

ankle belief love hope chain heart anchor cross

An anchor symbolizes hope in our culture. Just as an anchor secures a ship at its anchorage, hope gives us stability in difficult life situations. The anchor motif carries the meaning for stability and strength and can be combined with other motifs such as flowers, fish etc. The Faith Love Hope Tattoo is often accompanied by other tattoo motifs such as rose, birds, pigeon, butterfly etc. pictured.

arm tattoo belief love hope heart cross anchor color red

Popular parts of the body for the anchor heart tattoo are the wrist, forearm, calf, foot, shoulder, chest, costal arch and neck. This tattoo design is also particularly suitable for those who do not want to take any risks with a large body drawing and prefer a small and subtle tattoo instead. The palm or the inside of the finger are hidden places for the trendy body jewelry.

faith love hope tattoo templates cross heart anchor

The Love Faith Hope Tattoo can be done in a style that really suits you. Do you find the minimalist and filigree tattoos particularly appealing or would you prefer to use old school motifs with thick lines and strong colors? You are welcome to choose between black or colored tattoo designs with water colors. As a white tattoo, the Faith Hope Love Tattoo also looks particularly beautiful. Let yourself be inspired in our picture gallery.

old scool anchor cross heart meaning belief love hope tattoo

psalm belief love hope tattoo anchor heart cross leg

old scool colored symbols meaning belief love hope

heart anchor cross tattoo meaning colored

neck colored faith love hope tattoo medium size

faith love hope tattoo ladies wrist motifs small

modern design belief love hope tattoo colored

motifs tattoo love belief hope watercolor lettering

Another way of expressing the three Christian virtues of love, faith and hope on the body is a tattoo design consisting of a cross, heartbeat and heart connected to one another. The infinity symbol also represents the infinity of hope, love and faith, regardless of what the wearer associates with this tattoo.

neck colored tattoo love belief hope watercolor

watercolor wrist faith love hope tattoo design

faith love hope tattoo infinity colored wrist

minimalist small ankle love faith hope tattoo

faith love hope tattoo white discreet arm

elegant collarbone faith love hope tattoo

You can see another elegant and very subtle tattoo design in the picture above. Here the word “Faith” is written out in filigree script, while hope and love are represented with a heartbeat and heart. The tiny heart symbol in light blue color makes the Faith Love Hope tattoo even more interesting.

letter heartbeat heart motifs tattoo belief love hope

Instead of spelling out the word “Faith” in full, there is, among other things, the option of only having the first letter of the English word “faith” engraved. Another elegant design is the combination of symbols and their meaning as words written out in block letters. The love, faith, hope tattoo also looks very nice as lettering. With such a tattoo, you will have several different fonts and sizes to choose from.

woman forearm font block letters belief hope love tattoo

forearm love faith hope tattoo black

minimalist tattoo belief love hope costal arch

cross heartbeat heart font belief love hope tattoo

faith love hope tattoo meaning partner friendship

love belief hope tattoo font black monochrome forearm

tattoo belief hope love forearm large font

thigh symbols meaning belief love hope font print letters

wrist tattoo design ladies colored ornate

writing english tattoo belief love hoffning elegant wrist

tattoo belief love hope lettering minimalistic black costal arch

tattoo love belief hope large lettering chest woman

foot black tattoo font faith love hope

foot lettering love belief hope tattoo body jewelry