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Cool ideas for a friendship tattoo – symbols and motifs for eternity

Friendship tattoo best friend dagger ribs

Not only couples can choose a tattoo design for two – friends can too! Relationships come and go, but true friends last a lifetime. Then … why not? Some people who are bound by strong friendships use the friendship tattoo to emphasize the power of their affection for one another. Whether it is for a friendship between a man and woman, best friends or a group of 3 or 4 friends – the possibilities are limitless.

Friendship tattoo man woman crescent

Tattoos for friends are growing in popularity every year as they are a great way to show loyalty and loyalty to one another. Tattooing is a very symbolic process and this decision needs to be carefully considered. Choosing the perfect friendship tattoo is in many ways more difficult than with ordinary tattoos, because the wishes of both should be taken into account. Friends must decide together on the location of the tattoo, its style and size.

Why do two people get a friendship tattoo tattooed??

Friendship tattoo women small wrist characters

It is believed that sooner or later every person meets his soulmate who is waiting somewhere on the path of life. It is difficult to find friends who will accompany and support you throughout your life. However, those who are so happy to have found a true friend want to share that with the whole world. However, everyone decides for themselves what constitutes a real friendship.

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Friendship statue for 3 infinity symbols spice up the forearm

Friends always support each other specifically and emotionally with their problems. Good friendships are sometimes born in childhood and develop into very old age. You can find a real friend even in adulthood. Whatever the case, sincere friendship is a source of great joy.

A joint trip to the tattoo parlor will be an unforgettable event for you and your friends, after which a beautiful memory symbol will remain on your body.

The best part of the body for a friendship tattoo

Friendship tattoo small foot wave

When choosing a tattoo, you need to consider not only the importance of the subject, but also decide on the size and features of the tattoo. Would you like a small tattoo that is also easy to hide? Or you would rather have a medium-sized motif on the thigh?

For example, small tattoos are perfect for these parts of the body:

  • at the wrist
  • on the finger
  • at the ankle
  • behind the ear
  • in the neck

best friend tattoo small wrist girl swing

But if you want a medium or large motif, parts of the body that small won’t work.

  • On the thigh
  • on the shoulders
  • under the collarbone
  • under the chest
  • on the forearm
  • A medium-sized friendship tattoo on the calf looks good.

Whether a funny motif, a multi-part puzzle tattoo, memorable friendship-related events, common interests or the same tattoos – the possibilities are endless. In the following we give you a few ideas for a great tattoo as a sign of eternal friendship.

Get the same motifs tattooed

best friend tattoo cute elephant with heart balloon arm tattoo

The most popular variation for a friendship tattoo is to choose the same tattoo for both of you. With such a tattoo it becomes clear that you play an important role in the life of the other. Your friendship is like a strong relationship. For a friendship tattoo, symbols, drawings or hieroglyphs are usually chosen that stand for friendship. You can also choose something that only the two of you know.

Fan tattoos – when your shared passion gets under your skin!

Best friend tattoo Harry Potter star wrist

The love for Harry Potter or Star Wars is forever. And how nice it is to have someone close to you who shares this love! Disney films also provide plenty of ideas for good friends: Bambi and Klopfer, Timon and Pumba, Poof the Bear and Tiger, Nemo and Dori. Incidentally, these motifs are particularly suitable for childhood friendships.

Different tattoos, but in the same style

Friendship tattoo small origami ship plane

Friendship tattoos don’t always have to be the same. They can only be designed in one style or dedicated to the same theme. Here, for example, the sailboat and the airplane in origami look go well with the travel theme.

A friendship tattoo that represents two halves of a whole

Friendship tattoo small women Yin Yang

The concept is simple: choose a design that consists of two parts and decide who will get which half. For example, the yin-yang symbol, two puzzle pieces and two halves of the heart are particularly popular.

Friendship tattoo women avocado halves arm

Lately this idea has become very popular: two avocado halves – one with the core, the other without. Together they make the perfect whole. The tattoos can either be black and white or colored.

best friend tattoo avocado halves arm ribs

best friend tattoo wrist avocado

Things that belong together

Friendship tattoo funny motifs bread jam peanut butter

Also think about things that usually belong together like peanut and jam, cup and saucer, sun and moon, pot and lid, rose and thorns, rainbow and rain, key and keyhole, etc..

Coordinates or an important date

Friendship tattoo man woman coordinates numbers

A long friendship has its memorable days that you don’t want to forget. An important date can be tattooed with Roman numerals. Coordinate tattoos, which represent a significant place as longitude and latitude, are also a good idea. The coordinates can show the location of the first meeting or the hometown where you both grew up.

Friendship tattoo mountains coordinates event

Friendship tattoo date arm roman numerals women

What both of them like

Friendship tattoo unicorn colorful ribs arm

Do you like cute unicorns in rainbow colors? It is good to have someone to share this unusual love with you. Think about what connects you. Even if it’s just a glass of wine at the end of a long day at work or a tea party on the weekend. You and your girlfriend or boyfriend are bound to have many interests and stories in common.

Friendship tattoo to 3 man women tea cups

Friendship tattoo symbols

congruence symbol small tattoo different but the same

There are many different symbols of friendship – from two hearts to friendship arrows and other motifs invented in different parts of the world. No matter whether symbols are engraved on jewelry or engraved as tattoos – they all mean the same thing: friendship, loyalty and trust. Below are some of the most commonly used symbols for friendship tattoos.

The Claddagh symbol

Claddagh sign friendship symbol heart hands crown

This Celtic (or Irish) symbol represents two hands holding a crowned heart. According to some sources, the meaning of the symbol is expressed by the following sentence: “With both hands I give you my heart and crown it with my devotion.” This symbol is the embodiment of friendship, love and loyalty. The Claddages symbol is often used in the design of wedding rings. But if your friendship is as strong as love, then such a motif will be an excellent idea for a tattoo.

Friendship arrows

Friendship tattoo man woman arrows crossed wrist arm

For Indians, two arrows that cross in the middle are a symbol of the union of two clans or two people. These two arrows represent friendship. The motif is not complicated and can be represented in different variants.

Zibu angel symbols

Zibu sign friendship woman husband best friend

Zibu symbols were originally created by Debbie Zylstra Almstedt of Arizona, USA, who claims to have communicated with the angel guides to discover this work of art. The above symbol represents the presence of God in every person. When we make friends, we honor those divine attributes within the other person, and the same is done by them.

Shrivatsa (Sanskrit श्रीवत्स śrīvatsa) – The endless knot

Friendship symbol Sanskrit eternal knot

The Buddhist infinite knot, also known as “Shrivatsa” in Sanskrit, is one of the eight auspicious symbols of Buddhist culture (Ashtamangala). In this context it is a symbol of eternal love and friendship, as well as the interdependence between the two.

Chinese characters for friendship

Friendship tattoo chinese character

These two characters (友谊) mean friendship in Chinese and are written as Yǒuyì. This tattoo is small and can look great on almost any part of the body. One can also write the name of the best friend to add a more personal effect to the tattoo. There is also another symbol of eternal friendship.

Note that a tattoo artist is not a professional linguist and cannot understand the variety of meanings of Chinese characters. You are responsible for the correctness of the translation. Therefore, carefully check the spelling of the hieroglyph.

What does “Ohana” stand for?

Friendship tattoo saying Ohana flowers man woman

The Hawaiian word from the Disney film “Lilo and Stitch” has become world famous. Ohana stands for family and family means that no one is forgotten or left behind. Many consider their close friends to be family, so Ohana is also ideal as a friendship tattoo.

Friendship tattoo Ohana arm heart

Friendship tattoo women Ohana motifs combination


Friendship tattoo unalome spiral symbols man woman

In Buddhism, Unalome represents the path that every person walks in the course of his life. This path can be straight or winding. There could be fear, obstacles, happiness, or love. This path begins at the center of a spiral that depicts how we are trapped in our own fear and insecurity. As the path unfolds, the mind finds clarity and eventually releases itself from suffering. This symbol is a visual metaphor for this life journey.

Friendship tattoo sayings

Friendship tattoo saying shoulder blade

Proverbs in English:

Together forever never apart, maybe in distance but never in heart.

A friend is one of the nicest things you can have, and one of the best things you can be.

Things are never quite as scary when you’ve got a best friend.

Two hearts, one soul.

To infinity and beyond.

Proverbs in Latin:

Best friends forever:



Ubi amici, ibi opes. – Where friends (are), there (is) wealth.

Novos parans amicos, ne obliviscere veterum. – Anyone who makes new friends shouldn’t forget the old ones.

Old ipse amicus. – A friend is a second self.

Friendship tattoo sayings arm outside

Friendship tattoo sayings man woman wrist arm

Friendship tattoo saying wrist infinity

Friendship tattoo saying best friend shoulder

Friendship tattoo saying ribs women small

Further suggestions for a friendship tattoo

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